Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving in California

We went to California for Thanksgiving.  Our family had a wonderful time as we always do when we are in California with family.  The drive wasn't too terrible with the girls.  Emily went down earlier with her Grandparents and cousin Cody.  With one less in the car to fight it seemed to go a  little smoother. When we were handing out snacks, I could have used her help.  The back seat seemed way too far to pass back chicken sandwhiches or crackers.

Amber made sure Duke and Chance (the dogs) got a good snack before we had Thanksgiving dinner.  

This the adult table or the more mature table.  I had a place to sit there but I spent more time at the kids table feeding Samantha.  By the time I got my plate and sat down everyone was pretty much done.  That is how my dinner goes on most given days.   The weather was beautiful, we ate outside.  It was in the mid 80's if I remember right, at least the low 80's.  There was 19 of us for dinner.  I may be wrong, but it seems like Thanksgiving dinner taste better in California.  (Sorry Grandma!)

Samantha normally doens't like me to feed her, she prefers to self feed, but that is a mess.  She let me feed her for awhile and then I let her do it herself.  Not in the picture is the dogs there sat nearby hoping to share a little of her dinner.  She did share a little bit. 

I do love the little smile and facial expression here on Samantha.  She sure is a cutie!  Maybe I am bias.

Not only did we have a fabulous dinner but we also had fabulous entertainment. 

We had music by Serena on her tenor sax.  She is quite the little musician, she plays very well and loves to play.  Wesley wanted to plan a party inside but it was such a nice day that we were all outside so we suggested him to bring the party out.  Serena was the entertainment part of the party.  We loved it. 

Lastly, our entertainment was a play put on by Lauren, Lindsey, and Wesley.  The three of them where really fun to watch.  I wish we were close to Wesley for them to play more often.  They put on a play, Lindsey was the daughter, Lauren was the mother, and Wesley was the farmer/father.  It was pretty funny.  It was just getting dark, and we went outside to watch.  I tried to video record it but it was too dark to pick up any of their scenes.  At one point Lindsey wig fell off... It was all pretty good. 

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