Sunday, December 13, 2009

November Beach Trip

While we were in California, it seemed like we must definetly go to the beach.  My girls love, love, love the beach!  If I am remembering right, it was the Friday after Thanksgiving that we went... it was still great weather and it just so happened that there was a big swell coming in for the surfers, so that worked out for Sean and Uncle Bill. 

Amber spent a good part of the time with her head in the sand, or at least doing tricks.  I think we could have got up and walked away and she would have never even noticed she was so busy with the sand.

This is most of the whole gang, minus Robert, me, and the younger kids...

The kids found treasures on the beach which included dead animal parts, shells, and plants.

The beach we went to was pretty rocky, some built rock castles instead.  Cool huh!

Harmon wanted nothing to do with the sand. 

Here's some of those special treasures!

Samantha had her blanket and tag, so she was good.  I think she was too tired to really enjoy the sand much.  She does like it, but not as much this day.  She prefered Serena's lap. 

Sean came in a few times for food or to switch boards, that was about it.  He spent his time riding the waves.

The kids enjoying the beach!

It wasn't too long and Harmon got use to the sand.  He then played contently with it for the remainder of the time we were there.  When we were ready to go, I don't think he nor Lorie wanted to go.  I am not sure who likes the beach more, Lorie or her son Harmon. 

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