Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Potty Training again...

Day 1:  It seems like life may be a little less busy and stressed so I can really put panties back on Amber.  She has been wearing pull ups, which has been an improvement, since she normally will have a bowel movement in the towlet instead of her diaper/pull-up.  She is also understanding the idea of potty treats and knowing that she gets one even if she is just "practicing" going.  (She wasn't even trying before until I told her just to practice going to get use to it.  That seemed to work better and she would go if she was practicing but not if I asked her to try to go.)  I guess this is a good way to get rid of all that halloween candy.

Day 2: Today Amber is in panties again.  I noticed she was putting a baby wipe down her panites.  I asked what she was doing.  She told me that if she did this (as she put the wipe down in the bottom of her panties) then it would catch her potty and it wouldn't come out of her panites.  (I think she is missing the point on the purpose of panties or going potty in the toilet.)  Amber did go plenty of times potty in the toilet and got many potty treats as well.

Day 3:  It seems as if I am being potty trained as well.  Everytime I ask Amber to "practice" going potty or she thinks she might have to go potty she insist on me trying to go too.  Each time she has to go in her little potty chair, she wants me to go in the big potty too.  Her potty is in front of the big potty and they face each other.  I think I have pottied more this morning than I have this entire week.

Day 4: Everything is running smoothly.  Lots of potty treats, lots of going potty in the toilet.  Amber has become afraid of taking a nap though, "my potty might come out!"  When she naps I have been putting a pull-up on her as well when she goes to bed at night.  Bad thing, she knows when she is wearing a pull-up so then she chooses NOT to go in the toilet.  Mostly Amber is going on her own to the potty, I am not having to ask if she needs to go.  I only suggest practicing if we are going to be in the car or gone for awhile without potty access.

Day 5:  I am no longer allowed in the bathroom with Amber.  She previously would be afraid to go into the dark bathroom, but now that she has realized she can turn the light on herself, I am no longer permitted in the bathroom with her. 

Day 6: Not such a good day.  After all these great days of Amber going potty so good... then this morning she wet her pants twice.  Bummer!

Day 7: We went to the movies today with the girls.  Everything went smoothly.  I had Amber "practice" before we left.  Once we got there, she told Robert as he was getting her out, "my potty is going to come out!"  I hurried her to the potty along with all the other girls to "practice" too.  Amber did great.  We ate out tonight too, and she seemed to go okay in the other toilets.  No accidents.

Day 8: Today was church.  I forgot to have her go before church.  I was involved in the primary program so I wasn't sitting with Amber.  I did inform Robert that she only had panites on and she had extra panties and a new dress in the bag.  He asked why?  I told him in case she wet her panties.  When I took her to class I had her "practice" in the little toilet in the class room.  It is the coolest thing in the whole world... they have little toilets and sinks in a bathroom in the nursery room.  How wonderful is that?  She loved her size real toilet and sink. 

Day 9: Only one accident today.  Not to shabby!  She also will insist on putting her panties back on by HERSELF!  She gets so annoyed at me when I try to help.

Day 10:  I tried really hard not to laugh today... as I was helping Amber pull up her pants that were all crazy, I noticed something.  She was wearing two pairs of pants, one on top of the other.  The under pair of pants was a pair of Samantha's too.  Who knows where she picked them up at.  No wonder they were giving her problems.  I had noticed the panites she was wearing earlier were on the floor, but she had her pants on.  Too funny!  I guess she is just impervising.  Then later tonight when I was putting the kids to bed, she came upstairs with a long strand of toilet paper saying, "I couldn't break it off, I was afraid I was going to drip."  She came up with a huge long strand that went from the downstairs bathroom to the upstairs bedroom.  I had to try not to laugh as I carried it all back down and saw that it was attached still to the roll downstairs.  Amber then said, "it wouldn't break."

I think we have accomplished this potty training for the most part.  Amber is still wearing pull-ups at night.  She doesn't seem to stay dry during the night but that will come later.  I don't mind one diaper a day from her, and usually she will take it off and put it in the garbage.  Here's to having only one in diapers!  Yipee! 


wendy said...

Awesome!! I love that you got to be potty trained, too! :)

THOMAS D said...



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Rachel said...

Hilarious! I love the wipe down in the panties - sounds like something mine would do - with the same reasoning!

I feel less worried about the night-wetting now - thanks! I had always heard that one of the signs that they were ready to potty train is that they would stay dry through the night, but mine doesn't even stay dry through naptime!