Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amber's 3rd Birthday

Amber turned 3, and she wanted a Dora cake.  I didn't really know how to do that, or maybe more of WHAT to do for that.  Here cake was more like a Dora Barbie cake.  Not only did she want a Dora cake but also a Blue Dora cake...  She seemed to like it.  We hid the cake from her until it was birthday time, and this was her expression when we told her she could open her eyes.  She was so excited for the whole BIRTHDAY thing anyway. 

Lindsey and Lauren helped me with Dora's dress, with the spots and the strawberries.  They didn't do too bad.  I really prefer to do it all by MYSELF, then that way it turns out how I want it to, but I have been learning to let them help out with things too.  It is hard, but I am learning and letting them do more things that I would normally do ALONE.

Amber is blowing out the candles.

This is what we originally got for her.  She liked it and I think the other girls did too.  I had to keep reminding them that it was for AMBER and it was for her to play with not them. 

Lindsey made Amber this "guitar" all by her self.  She found the cardboard from something and then she found a Dora picture.  I think the cardboard was from the Dora doll and probably the little picture was too.  She glued and cut until she finished it all.  Lindsey then went downstairs to find a gift bag for it all.  I thought she was so cute in doing all this.  She made her a paper snowflake and a little birthday card too.

Lauren made this little headband at her school.  She gave it to Amber for her birthday.  I wore it when we went trick or treating.  It has a red bat, and some black roses or flowers on it.  Lauren also went in the basement and found a gift bag and tissue paper to put her headband in.  She made a card for her too. 

Emily was a bit bummed that she didn't do anything for Amber.  I don't think she knew the other girls were doing things for her, so then she felt bad that she didn't do anything.  It was still okay.  Amber didn't realize that she didn't do anything.  Emily loves Amber very much, and she shows that everyday to her. It is fun to watch Emily with her, she is great with her.  Emily is always helpful and mother-like to Amber. 

Happy Birthday Amber! 
Amber is 3 years old now.  She is 30 lbs and 36 inches tall.  (She and Samantha wear many of the same clothes.)

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Karen Brothersen said...

Great job on the cake! It looks professional!