Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

It was kind of funny when I went to buy our pumpkins...  I got 5.  The lady at the store commented on the large amount of pumpkins, and I told her I had 5 girls so we needed 5.  In previous years I have bought Robert and myself a pumpkin too, but Robert never is really into carving them and I seem to do it all and then have to do mine too so I get all pumpkined out.  Normally we do pumpkins on the Monday before Halloween as a family home evening activity.  This year, that Monday happened to be Amber's birthday so I knew we couldn't do both.

The girls were pretty good about cleaning their own pumkins out.  I cut the tops open and then gave them some large spoons and some of those plastic pumpkin scoops you can buy.  They did pretty good with them and for the most part by themselves.

Except for Amber, she get in there for about 4 seeds and then she was done.  It was too time consuming for here, and she couldn't do it and hold her special shirt so she opted out.  She did tell me how to carve the face when it came time though.  She stayed with us and watched but didn't really want to scoop anymore. 

Lauren was the pumpkin master.... she scooped hers out, then she finished Amber's and even finished a bit of another.  When the pumpkins were all done, she was still looking for more to scoop out.  I would scrape them out really good with a spoon for the girls if they needed help but I wouldn't take it out, that was their job, and then it became Laurens pleasure to do it for them. 

We also found out the rabbit seems to like the pumpkins too.  We gave her any big chunks of pumpkin we had.  I carved Samantha's a bit different so there was lots of chunks of pumpkins for the rabbit.  She enjoyed them.  We gave her one of the pumpkins once Halloween was over, but she didnt' seem to enjoy it as much.  Maybe it has to be fresh before she really likes them.

Above is Samantha's pumpkin... but she did have a bit of help with it... since she was asleep while we do pumpkins.  It was more of a daytime pumpkin because it didn't really show up at night very well. 

And here is the line up of pumpkins on our porch steps.  I didn't get any pics of them at night.  The very top one is Ambers, the one eyed one is Emily's, next is Lindsey's, then Samantha's, and last is Lauren's.  Emily's even had ears.  Emily drew her face on the pumpkin and I carved it out.  Lindsey and Lauren drew their face on paper and I cut them out on the pumpkin following their picture.  Amber told me what shapes she wanted me to do and I did the best to do it.  She told me she wanted eyes like her eyes on her pumpkin.  I wish I would have gotten better pictures of all the pumpkins.  Too late now.

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