Monday, January 18, 2010

Sledding at our house

Last year Samantha wasn't really old enough to go sledding.  Or not old enough that she enjoyed sledding anyway.  She was amazed by the snow and liked to hold it for a few minutes but didn't really want much more than that.  This year, she is old enough that she sees the older girls go and and she KNOWS she is missing something.  She keeps asking to go outside when the girls get their snow stuff on.  I finally decided we should let Samantha take her turn and see if she likes it or not.

She got all dressed and was very excited.

Amber was glad to go out too.  She likes to sled, as long as it isn't too scary.

Samantha was thinking it was all good, didn't even matter what sled she had.

I think the older girls had more fun towing the little ones around.  They even fought over whose turn it was to pull the sled around the house.

Amber was having a hard time keeping her gloves on, she kept taking them off and then would cry because her hands were cold.  I tried to explain to her she needed to keep her gloves on, but everytime I turned around, her gloves where off again.

The big girls sled down the side of the driveway.  It isn't a real steep hill, but it is a bit of a slant. 

As a family one Saturday we went to the place where Emily sled on her face last year.  No harm was done this time.  Samantha was wild about going down, I don't think Amber went down once.  I went down with some of the bigger girls too.  The hill was big but not as big as the other side of the hill where some were snowboarding down or the side with the jumps on it.  Lauren got so she would just go, Emily wanted to make sure she was okay to go and Lindsey walked her sled halfway down the hill to sled just half the hill and wanted Robert to be at the bottom to catch her.

We would have stayed longer but Samantha was ready for a nap and I am sure she was cold too.  Amber wanted to go play on the playground there.  We decided to just head home. 

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