Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chrismas Eve Masked Visitor

On Christmas Eve we went to some friends house for a party.  After we spent a wonderful evening with their family (parents and siblings of the Johnson family) we came home.  I still had tons of wrapping to do.  I was up until like 2am wrapping and finishing things.  I still didn't complete all the projects I wanted to, but I just gave up at about 1:30 and said forget it, I think this is good enough. 

As I was putting some cardboard away in the recycling container in the garage... our cat was going crazy meowing at me and all.  When I opened the door the cat let out this big HISS!  I thought it was just a neighbor cat in the garage he was upset about but when the what I thought was a cat looked up at me, it had a black mask around its eyes...  It was a big FAT racoon.  He stared at me for a few seconds and then walked back to the kitty door and escaped the same way he came in. 

I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes!  Then I was thinking about the garbage sack that was torn into a couple weeks prior to that, the kitty door that was broken, the cat food sack that was scratched through, no to mention the large amount of cat food we have gone through lately. 

I just hope the racoon isn't a she and decide to make a nice little home for some babies in our garage.  It is so messy in there I don't know that we would even notice her.  We have since seen little coon tracks in the snow to our garage kitty door.

We have moved the cat food inside the house but if the racoon can get in the garage kitty door, I am sure it is capable of getting into the house kitty door too.  Robert complained once that there was something LARGE in our kitchen when he came down in the middle of the night.  I told him he was just seeing things.  I am maybe not so sure now that he was maybe seeing things...   I would like to set up a camera to see what that little critter does in our garage (or house) all night. 

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