Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Old Clothes

Recently, it has seemed like Amber had NO clothes.  I couldn't see how this could even be possible since she is the 4th girl.  We had twins too, so how in the world could she NOT have clothes if there were enough clothes to put on two girls at the same time?  I was down to like 4 pants and 8 shirts, but not anything really that matched.  If felt like Amber was wearing the same thing over and over again. 

For Christmas she got some clothes, and then I realized she just needed to go up a size and finally be in 3T clothes.  I went to the basement to get her new clothes... which are really old clothes just from the other girls. 

What fun it was to go through the clothes and as I would pick up a dress I would think of how this dress use to be my sister's girl's dress that they handed down to Emily and now Amber gets to wear it.  As I pull out each piece I see each girl in it... when my neices wore it (if that is where it came from), or Emily in it, then Lindsey and Lauren... and next I will see Amber in them.  I love it!  I love going through the clothes buckets I have for that very reason.  Looking back in the last 8 years or so at least.

Here is a picture of Lindsey and Lauren with Emily.  These clothes that the twins are wearing are ones that I just pulled out.  They are 2 1/2 here in this photo and Em is almost 5. (You can't tell but Lindsey is also wearing a pair of womens high heels, I guess they go good with her lipstick that she put on herself.)

Then I pulled out a pair of pink pajama bottoms... I noticed they had reddish pink stuff on them.  Then I immediately remembered where it came from and busted out laughing. 

Then this is the memory that went through my mind....

We went to Pony Poop Farm for a visit.  The girls rode horses and played with cousins.  It is quite normal for me to stay up really late with my mom, so late that the next morning is unpleasant when the little ones wake up early.  My mom and I were up late as usual talking, we heard Lindsey crying....  I went to see what was wrong. 

Lindsey was asleep in her bed but I was confused by what I saw on her face... was she hurt, who did this and what is it?

Lindsey got up out of bed, got into my lipstick, and put a bit on.  If you noticed the picture above, she used my lipstick then too, but not as much as she did after she went to bed.

I had to wake her up so I could clean her up.  I had her walk down the hall to go show my mom... my mom was just cracking up.  I was trying not to laugh.  We spent the next little while cleaning her up and giving her a bath... in the middle of the night.

She was covered, it was up one leg past her knee, it was on her back, all over her face and hands, up one arm...  all over her belly.  It was a mess!  She still had a RED glow to her after we were done trying to clean her up.  We couldn't get it all off her skin, and not even close to getting it out of her hair line. 

Later I noticed where she must have taken my lipstick....

She came into this room (not the one she was sleeping in) and wrote on the wall and the mirror.  She probably used the mirror to make sure she was putting the lipstick on correctly.  After all that she went back to bed. 

So the pink pajama bottoms still look like they do in the picture above, with big red marks on them.  At first I was wondering why I would have kept stained clothes, but then after I went through my memory of that night with my mom and Lindsey, I was glad that I kept those stained up pajamas.  I may never want to throw out those pink pajamas. 

I surely do love looking through my containers of old clothes from all the other girls and going through the memories that go with them like this one. 


wendy said...

That is a GREAT story, Karla! And fantastic picture!!

Amy said...

LOL... maybe I don't want girls. :) Love the post... and the clothes... and the memories. So Funny!

Amy Sorensen said...

omgosh! TOOOOO funny!

I have a box of girl clothes downstairs in the basement. Closet under the stairs, and it's impossible to get to, but I can't bring myself to give them away, even if no one will ever wear them. They are just too imbued with story and memory. I totally get it!