Friday, January 29, 2010

Did I just get scammed?

I went to the dollar store today to get some ear buds for Lauren so she could listen to my iPod while she was at the doctors having some molluscum contagiosum (MC) removed.  It was a 2 step process at the doctors and we were in the middle of the two steps.  I thought if she could listen to the music she would not be thinking so much of the needles and scraping that was going on. 

As I checked out at the dollar store the cashier asked, "would you like to make a donation to Haiti?"  I thought and decided I would.  After all if everyone that came through the doors donated a dollar, that would be great right!?  I told her I would like to donate, and she asked how much.  I told her $3.  All she did was take a few toys sitting by the cash register and scanned them and then took my money. 

Now I am not all that familiar with how the store runs, but I have worked many years in accounting to know a little something, several years in a retail store in bookkeeping/accounting.  As I was walking out of the store, I was thinking....  so how are they going to know how much of my purchase goes to Haiti when the sales say, "Teddy bear, socks, pacifier" nothing was rang up as a donation...  How are they going to know the difference between me not buying these things, but being rang up for these things... and what about the people that really do buy those things... are they just a donation too?  I am thinking it is poor bookkeeping/accounting or I just got scammed!

Then I started to get angry, and told Lauren, "That makes no sense...  how is my money going where it is suppose to be going, how are they going to account for that?  I think I just got scammed!"  Lauren looked at me funny and said, "what?" 

Perhaps I didn't ask the questions I should have and relied on the idea that everyone is as honest and I think I am.  Bummer for me I guess.  If I had more time, I would have gone back in there and talked to them more about it and want my money back even perhaps.  And... they charged tax on the donation...  it doesnt' make any sense to me.  I am still upset about the whole thing!

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Jamie said...

you know what? I think you should call them tomorrow. Don't just be mad. I have learned this from Mark. CAll and ask to speak to the manager. If it's not a real deal then let them know the time you were there and what the cashier looked like and that you want your money back. I think that sounds really really fishy. Was it the one here in Orem? Brother Galli works there and I think he's a manager. You could ask to speak to him and WHAT was that thing you were at the doctors office for???

You can't just drop big words like that and then mention needles and scraping and not give us more information. yikes. I would want an ipod too...