Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

As Christmas came around, I didn't really feel like I normally do.  It seems like the whole spirit was missing for me.  (Mostly my own fault)  I was so busy and distracted with so many things that I didn't feel the real meaning, the spiritual side of it all.  I feel really bad about it, and hope next year is different. 

A few weeks after Christmas I still had a stack of neighbor gifts on my counter, and my visiting teacher gifts to give out too.  I feel like such a slacker!  I had a handful of crafts/projects I was working on for Christmas gifts for my family that I never did finish.  (Still haven't)

Chirstmas still came, and we still enjoyed it.  Next year I will need to start my projects earlier or limit them to just a few. 

Amber right as we got down to open presents.

Lauren excited about a paper bead kit.

Emily happy about the rock tumbler Santa brought.

Amber said, "Santa brought me a rocket computer, I have always wanted a rocket computer!"

Turns out the hectic shopping trip to Target was worth it, Samantha took to her new blanket very well!

Lindsey can't wait to get catipillars for her new Butterfly Growing House.

Lindsey and Lauren got curtains and rods, decorative pillows for their beds, and I made a bedskirt for each of their beds too.  Emily made a huge haul of books that she got too.  Amber got drawing boards so maybe she won't need to color on my walls or tile floor.  Samantha got some books and clothes.  I think Amber and Samantha were the only ones that got toys for once!  I got handles for my kitchen cupboards and drawers.  I also got shelves for the little bathroom next to the laundry room.  Robert kind of got cheated, didn't get a whole lot of anything really... a golf Wii game, iTunes gift card, running shorts and socks.  It seems like he never gets anything good.  I am so bad at shopping for him, or maybe I am just too frugle and cheap.  As a family we got an iPod touch for the car since my tape deck and cd player doesn't work. 

I think Lindsey misunderstood what a bedskirt is for... she said her bedskirt fit good as she put it on.  Silly girl!

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Jamie said...

that butterfly house is the coolest thing. Rachel got one when she was about 5 and it was soo fun to watch. I'd love to get one for my kids again. i had forgotten about it. THanks for the reminder. Let us know how yours turns out.

My husband is hard to shop for too...