Tuesday, January 26, 2010

R.I.P. little rabbit

Emily's rabbit, Angel died yesterday morning. 

Emily was ready for school and went out to feed her rabbit.  I was waiting in the car for Emily, ready to take her to school.  She came back in the garage and put the food back in the bag and looked scared or something, she had a strange look on her face.  When Em got in the car she started crying when I asked her what was wrong.  She said Angle died.

Part of me wanted to lecture her...  it could have been because she was out of water or out of food, maybe she wasn't taken care of good enough.  But then seeing Em's little tears I thought, if that is the case that she was lacking care, Emily has already recieved a concequence for her actions or lack of actions.  After I dropped off Emily at school (who was still crying on and off) I went out to take care of the rabbit, I was hoping that maybe she was just almost dead and maybe there was something to help her come back, although that was surely not the case.  I noticed her heat lamp was off... maybe that was part of the problem.  Maybe she froze?  She was nearly 4 years old.

Angel was loved, the girls loved to take her out on put her on a leash to graze in our yard.  (Until we had the Japanese beetle problem in our area and had all the pesticides on our yard, then we couldn't let her out anymore.)  The girls missed taking her out.  We were excited about letting her out at our new home now that we had grass instead of mud for her.

When Angel got a new cage, it was big enough for the kids too.  She was loved!  She was a pretty good rabbit for the amount of attention she got.  She was pretty calm. 

Emily got the rabbit for her 6th birthday.  It was her birthday morning and I got the rabbit and brought it up to my room where she was sitting on my bed watching TV.  This is the video of it.  Emily is 6 and the twins are 4.  Angel will be missed.  Emily thinks maybe we should get a new rabbit or even a different pet, a guinea pig is what she thought this morning.  I really don't want a new pet right now though.


** Adrian ** said...

What a sad day!! I bet Emily is heart broken. I'm sending a little extra love your way! Give Emily a big {{HUG}} from us today!!!

wendy said...

Oh that is so sad.

What a sweet video of Emily, though. She has grown so much!

Amy Sorensen said...

Ooooooh...I am so sorry! It is hard for the kids to lose their pets. Kaleb has fond memories of your rabbit...whenever we go for walks, he still stops at your old house and says something about the white rabbit! (Funny because he only saw her once or twice!)


Jamie said...

so hard. Glad you didn't lecture. That would so have been me....
I have to watch my lecturing. once again I am reminded of what a great mom you are!

We had so much fun with you and Robert the other night. Thanks for going with us. Every time I look at the windshield wipers, I giggle. :)