Friday, January 22, 2010

Amber's dance and my girls night

Amber started dance yesterday.  She had a great time.  I was worried that maybe she would be too young for the class (3-5yr old class) but I guess she did great.  She was all excited to go to dance, and loved getting her little outfit on.  When we got home she kept her outfit on, took a nap in it and I finally changed her around 5 because we were eating out.  Silly girl.  She questioned me....  "why can't I keep it on?  Can I just keep my tights on then?" 

This is before we left to go to dance.

Yesterday was one of my friend's birthday.  She was having a girls night for her birthday.  I thought that was a really great idea.  Her neighbor has a daughter with a birthday on the same day too, so we all got together for food and a movie. 

Unfortunatly the movie that we picked out wasn't such a great movie, so then we stopped that one and tried another one.  The second one was better but still had quite a bit of language in it.  I wish they would keep some of the garbage out of movies so they wouldn't make you all uncomfortable watching them... especially when there are people half naked groping each other.  Why don't they just lead up to that, and then go to the next scene... I am sure people would catch on to the idea of what happened.  Does it really matter who said what or their exact position in the matter that we have to WITNESS it all and be so involved that way?  I don't like the funny uncomfortable feeling when those scenes are taking place...  I am guessing many people don't really watch them either if they feel as akward as I do.  Oh wait, this wasn't suppose to be a movie review, this was about my late night!

So.....  after the movie, we hung out and talked and had some dessert.  At this time it was just 5 of us ladies, and we talked and talked.  I got home at 3am.  When I got home, I went to check on the girls, I covered Samantha up and kissed Lauren, I went to Lindsey and Amber's room, and their beds where empty.  I looked in Emily's room, she was fast asleep.  I went to my room and there is Lindsey, Amber, and Robert all sleeping in the bed.  I had to carry Lindsey back to her bed and put Amber into her make shift bed on our floor. 

When Samantha was crying at 6 this morning... I wasn't sure if I had even fallen asleep yet, it didn't feel like it anyway.  I did have a good time.  It was just what I needed.  Thanks to great neighbors!!

It is Samantha's nap time... I am going to see about getting a nap myself.  Hope it really works.

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The Jones :) said...

Amber is simply adorable...but their messes and things they do aren't always so adorable huh!! Sounds like she keeps you busy though!! Glad she's liking her dance class...and I'm glad you got a night out...sounds like a good time!! We'll have to get you down here sometime for one of our girl's nights!! We don't stay out QUITE so late...but it would still be fun!! Thinking of you and miss you!!