Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amber's penguin dance

Amber is so funny. She is always doing funny things. One day she was breaking up new crayons from a art board she got from Christmas. I asked her why she was breaking them. "Because I only had a few crayons, and I wanted more. When I break them up, it makes more crayons." I guess she does have a point.

This video was taken on a Sunday, she just came out dancing like this, her own idea, she put the gloves on herself. She then started singing... "waddle, waddle, waddle, paddle, paddle paddle,... walking like a penguin"

You have to see her WHOLE costume...


** Adrian ** said...

She is so cute!! I love her amazing imagination!!! She makes a VERY cute penguin!

I love your Christmas posts, too! It looks like you guys had a great one!

I can't believe you've had a RACOON in your garage! I would have FREAKED OUT! You should definitely hook up a camera. I'd love to see what it does, too!

wendy said...

What a doll! I'm loving the glove idea.

Oh, and I'm a little freaked out for your sake over the racoon, too! Scary!!!