Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scam correction

I called the Dollar Tree Store that took my donation when I was there to clarify what I was "donating" exactly.  I feel so much better now that I did.  My friend, Jamie suggest I should do that and I am glad I did.  The lady I talked to told me I wasn't donating money but rather items.  There are two groups that they are collecting items for, one was a LDS church group that was taking things over and the other was an adoption agency/group that was taking things over.  On my reciept it said pacifiers, training cup, bath puppet, so these items would have gone to the correct bin or location where the items were collected.  Next to the cashier station they did have a basket of items and she pulled three items out and then put them to the side.  It makes more sense now.  I told the lady I was thankful for their part in helping and that it was really nice of them to do that.  (After all I didn't want to sound all complaining about it, I did want to help but afterwards it just didn't make sense to me how I helped.)

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wendy said...

What a relief! I hate scares like that.

Wow, and your little girl is brave. I'm so impressed!

Crossing my fingers for you that nothing spread anywhere--or to anybody--else. Sounds YUCKY!!