Friday, January 29, 2010

Lauren's MC and Amber's Dance

"Molluscum Contagiosum (MC) is a relatively common viral infection of the skin that most often affects children. It results in firm bumps (papules) that are painless and usually disappear within a year without treatment. If the papules are scratched or injured, the infection can spread to surrounding skin.

Molluscum contagiosum spreads through direct person-to-person contact and through contact with contaminated objects. Because it spreads easily, doctors often recommend medical treatment, especially for adults." from    I also read that it is from the poxvirus family, which I thought was interesting.

Lauren had these weird big pimple looking things on her armpit.  I had looked at them and watched them for about a month or so before I finally took her to the doctor.  It was confirmed that she had MC.  Then of course my bad mothering skills reminded me how careless I have been... having the girls share towels after bath, bathing together... Lindsey and Lauren sharing clothes constantly... even a few time when Lauren had scratched open one of her bumps...  After reading more about it all, I was like, hmm, should have checked them out before this!  It will be a miracle if we don't all break out in these little bumps. 

Dr. scheduled an appointment to poke the little pumps taking out the white core (the contagious or active part I guess you could say) and then with scraping the skin where each bump is to scrape it off.  Sounds lovely doesn't it.  Poor Lauren, she did terrific.  A few times she was like, "OUCH!" but she was brave, didn't even cry.  They did numb her a bit an hour before the procedure with a topic cream.  Dr. did say that hers where bigger than they normally see. 

Now we wait 3 weeks and hope they got them all, and if not, do the process again for any that were left behind. 

This is what her poor armpit looks like all bandage up, it looks much better then it did before.  And she got these cute boots out of the whole deal.  She is in LOVE with her boots!

As I have mentioned before, Amber is taking dance which she loves...  sorry I forgot to turn the pics and I didn't feel like doing it tonight... maybe I will go back and do it another day. 
1st position

2nd position

3rd position
And this is the "whirly whirly scrirvy scrirvy twirly position"  I am wondering about the teachers creditials...  I have never heard of that position before, and not sure what type of dance that is at all.  It is pretty cute to watch her do it, it is more of a movement than a position really. 

(Just kidding about the teacher Karen, she is great!)


Jamie said...

wow! that's quite a definition. THank you. I feel all properly informed now about mc. your new boot bribe reminded me of when carly and RAchel were little and I was getting ready to work at home as a medical transcriptionist. I had to go to SLC to train for 2 weeks and a friend watched my girls while I went. Rachel didn't seem to care much but Carly was a mess and we had to bribe her with PeterPan which had just been released by Disney and new red shoes to make it through the 2 weeks. sigh. I must say Lauren was very brave. several of my kids are so fearful in those situations. topical cream, hah, they'd have to be knocked out to consent!

Karen Brothersen said...

Hey Hey Hey... WATCH IT! In my dance class, I teach correct principles (of dance) and let the girls govern themselves. lol You are funny Karla!
She does great IN class... I can't be held responsible for what they do OUT of class. ha ha ha ha ha