Thursday, June 11, 2009

What to do on a rainy day

When your yard is full of dirt, and it has been raining for the last 3 days off and on, and you got another load of dirt dumped into the driveway the night before... here is something fun to do!

Mud Sliding!! (I had a video but the sound was awful because of the wind and it wasn't downloading, but it was funny to watch!) Think of roller blading, but on mud and minus the roller blades.

We had some friends over and I was helping them get to their car... I was totally sliding down the driveway. Our driveway is sloped quite a bit. When I walked back up to the house, I was having a REALLY hard time walking up. I just kept sliding. It was so funny. (and a little scary, as I was afraid I might fall) Emily came out with me and next thing I knew everyone was sliding down the driveway but Amber who thought it was too dirty. (Samantha was sleeping.) Then... Emily fell and bloodied up her knee. Oops! It is always fun til someone gets hurt. The girls had so much fun, they ended up going back outside to do it again, even after we all showered and we got Emily all doctored up. I didn't do it the second time. :o)

The girls would slide down the drive way then run up the dirt yard since that was mostly the only way to get up without sliding back down. Although that was just adding mud to the mixture. Emily said it looked like Lauren had mud slippers on. I had some pretty good mud shoes on myself. (until I had to be the mom again and fix Emily up)

Lauren washing off her legs, she had it all the way up past her KNEES... deep mud in the yard where the rain spout was draining.

Emily's the one that got hurt in all the fun again... just like sledding. Poor Emily.

When Robert came home from work, he tried to snow shovel the mud, when that didn't work, he hosed it all off... for a really l o n g time. The mud it gone and now one can walk down and UP the driveway without slipping or sliding!

I really wish my video worked out, it is so much better to watch compared to me telling about it. Maybe I will try again later...

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Jamie said...

Your girls will remember the fun of this day. Good for you for letting them slide and not worrying about the mud....
til later.
sorry little Emily had to get hurt.