Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our "almost" yard

I will have to post some pictures when I have a little more time. Our yard is starting to look more like a yard. We put up some retaining rock walls to help even out our yard to give the appearance of a bigger yard, and to give more usable space for the kids to play. We (okay Robert) got our sprinklers in. We have a designated garden spot and a playground area. Today they came to do curbing, which will be going around out rocks and bordering some flower beds. I will go out later to take a picture of it to show what it looks like. The curbing helps keep the grass out of the rocks. I am so excited!

When we moved in, our yard was really rocky and weedy and filled with stickers. I didn't know that the tumbleweeds were so just a big sticker bush basically. Our place is looking better and better all the time. Robert has been working so hard to get it all done so the kids can have a place to go outside and burn off some energy. One windy day one of the neighbors came over to complain about the moving of dirt around in the wind and how all the wind was blowing the dirt to his place onto his windows that he just paid to have washed. Oops! I guess we aren't scoring any points with the neighbors!

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