Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hulk Cake Tutorial

I made a cake for a friend. Her son was turning 3 and was wanting a hulk cake. After posting about it, several where wondering the "How To's" so I thought I would just give more details on it.

I baked just a normal cake mix in a 9x9 square pan. I used two of them, putting a cake mix in each pan, so it was a taller cake once I layered it.

After I had leveled off the cake tops, and cooled them, I put them on a cardboard square I cut out of a box around the house and covered it in aluminum foil. (You can also buy cake boards for this purpose, but I am cheap.) I frosted the top of the bottom layer and then stacked the cakes. I frosted the cake... all of it. (Funny thing is I had left over pink frosting in the fridge from Lauren's birthday cake the week before... turns out the pink goes into grey pretty good. Which made it less frosting to make.) I normally make my own frosting since it is thicker and holds up better. I did see a recipe to use can frosting and then add powder sugar to it to make it thicker. Haven't done it to see how that works.

I used graham crackers broken into the quarters. I used royal frosting that was thinned down tons! It used probably like 4X the water you are suppose to put in it. I made it runny enough to have it just pour out and drizzle, but I wanted it to harden also. I put my graham crackers on a cookie sheet and then drizzled with frosting, then let them sit for awhile so they could harden.

I put the graham crackers on the sides of the cake, and then cut the crackers when needed to fit into the corners or the edges. I then piped some frosting that was left over from the cake into the cracks around the grahams, like you would do with grout.

I had previously out of fondant (dyed green) shaped a hand and covered until later use. I also used a knife to kind of score up the knuckles and the fingernails. I put the hand on the cake, and then piped frosting around it and added some more grahams to kind of support the hand from falling over, although it wasn't falling over, I had nightmares that it might. I also kind of gently broke or cracked some of the grahams to look like the broke as they hand came though the bricks. I also piped some grey frosting around all the grahams on the time. They seemed kind of naked without it. I also added the boys name on one of the bricks (grahams) on the top in front of the hand. Perhaps if you click on the pictures they would be bigger to show more details. I wasn't super impressed with the hand, I saw fault in it, but that is how everything I do goes, I have a PERFECT picture in my mind and it doesn't match the end results.

So that is that. If anyone is making one, and needs help, let me know. I love doing cakes and would love to help... or do one for you! :)

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ChasingChasey said...

That is awesome!! I am very impressed at your cake skills!!