Saturday, June 20, 2009

The most happiest place on earth

No it's not Disneyland for my kids, it is our old neighborhood. A few weeks ago we had gone over to pick up a friend for a sleep over and the next day when we returned her, we hung out and played with friends. The girls had a blast.

The day before when we picked up Emily's friend, the girls wanted to drive by their old school... the looked at it as we drove by, "there is our favorite school in the whole wide world!" The love to drive by it and also drive through our old neighborhood.

When we went back for the day, the girls went to school summer lunch. I must admit, I had as much fun as they did seeing all the old friends there that you just run into and you don't get a chance to see as much as you would like to in the busy hours of the day. It was a great thing for me too.

While we were over there, Lindsey did manage to fall off a scooter and hurt her wrist, which she still complained it was sore for about a week. She spent most of the week in a ace bandage to help it out. Amber fell down, scraped her knee and got a bloody nose. But beyond that, it was a great time. Neither of the girls that got hurt slowed down much. They stopped for a little bit and then just kept going from there.

As we left that day, it brought back such a flood of emotions again. I drove away with the girls complaining again, "why did we have to move? Why couldn't we just stay here?" I tried to keep it together although I wanted to sob with them and for them too. My poor girls! They just kept bringing it back up for the whole ride home.

On normal days, without going to the old neighborhood, the girls will ask why we had to move, or will say they liked the old house better, or talk about how much they miss it. I have came to realize that no matter how much I think this house fits us better, the girls will always want to have the old house and be there with all those wonderful friends and families they came to love there. I am sure as time goes on, this street or area we live in can become that same type of area, but it isn't that way now so you kind of keep thinking about the things you miss most.

So until that day when the girls feel like this is really HOME, our old neighborhood and friends that will continue to be the happiest place and the most magical place on earth!


ChasingChasey said...

We all miss you as much as the girls miss it here!! It's good you can come back to visit once in awhile, I wish I could have seen you!

Karen Brothersen said...

WOW! You made me cry! It is really hard to not think of our old place! I miss everyone there like crazy!

The Jones :) said...

Oh sad Karla...I miss you guys...I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to hold it together to be "tough" for your girls. You are GREATLY missed here, but you must've moved there for a reason!! Right!! I wish I could've seen you that day as well...and miss just running into you and laughing...some people just can't replace the ones that have left...but everyone moves on eventually. At least we have blogs, email, facebook, and many other things to keep in touch!! I love you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Karla Kay, you are the Greatest!! your blogs always make me smile, laugh, and some times cry. Wish we were closer to talk and help..Looking forward to this summer visit...You are the Greatest Super Mom...Luv ya Dad