Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Man - it's been wild around here lately!

It has been so crazy, just wild around here lately. The days go by so quickly and I am so busy, I forget what day we are on because one day runs into another. We have been wildly trying to get our yard ready for the hydroseeding. Robert went off on last Friday to the Ragnar Relay Race, and left me here to finish up the yard.

I spent most the day Thursday in the yard, while Robert was at work, getting things ready for the seeding process. With all the rain we have had in the last few weeks, it has been so hard to finish anything. Robert left Friday morning, and again I spent most of the day out in the yard. I was out there from about 10am to 1pm, and then again at about 3pm I went back out, was sunburned already so I was trying to find things to do in the shady areas. I was out there for only about another 2 hours or so. Then I put Samantha to bed at like 8pm, and the other girls where up watching TV while I went out to try to finish the yard before I was left in the dark. I came in about 10:30 that night. What a day! Not to mention I had a bit of a cold, the coughing and the stuffy nose type that made it hard to do anything without blowing my nose all day.

The next morning I about cried when I saw that it was raining outside. I figured all my work was undone and that we would have to postpone the grass seeding. Luckily it all went okay. Robert got home later that evening from his race, exhausted! Sunday we spent some time setting up the timer for the sprinklers so that we didn't have to manually water the yard. It rained so hard on Saturday after our hydroseeding, I was afraid all of it would be spoiled. I still haven't seen any grass growing. They said it would be in about 3 days. I am hoping it will all be okay. I know there are a few washed out spots that will need to be reseeded. I kept thinking at the end that maybe it would have been better just to do the sod instead of the hydroseeding. The hydroseeding is like 6 cents a sq. ft. compared to the sod at like 26 cents a sq. ft. Seems like a no brainer to go with what is so much cheaper. At the end though, I was thinking, "Who cares, lets get SOD!"

Now it is just a sit and water and wait for the grass to come up. Luckily our crazy last few weeks or even maybe months are slowing down now to a normal life again. Robert and I are even going on a date tonight. I am not sure if we have done that this whole year, with the exception of when my parents have been here or when his parents have been here to watch the kids. I miss having babysitters. Okay, I just plain miss Orem.... but that is another post for some day later.

Today the girls got all WILD just like I feel like life has been for us the last 2 months! I painted their faces, but then they painted mine. Emily took a picture of my face, but it was really dark due to the windows behind me. They painted and painted my face, I mean LAYERS and LAYERS of paint. I thought my face was going to peel off with the paint. It was pretty painful, I had watery eyes. The type of pain when you pluck out a nose hair or something... Amber added orange to her face. I was wanting to send Robert a picture of my face telling him I was ready to go on our date... but the picture didn't turn out. I looked like some witch doctor or some dead person coming back to life... all purple and black everywhere. (Emily voted not to get her face done, but was eager to do my face...)


Wendy said...

Face painting! You are such a fun mom.

Good luck with the hydro-seeding, what a pain! I cannot believe how much rain we've been getting.

Karen Brothersen said...