Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A/C up and running again

I kept thinking our A/C should be doing a better job at keeping our house cooler, but it was only the end of last summer that we got A/C at our old house, so I was unfamiliar with the whole air conditioning thing I guess. We have always had a swamp cooler. The first time we flipped the a/c on here it was on ALL day with no cooling at all. Finally I remembered someone saying that the breaker to major things were turned off. Our dryer needed to be switched on and the oven. Anything with the 220 I guess was the deal. I realized that the whole day when the a/c was on I didn't ever remember the unit outside making any noise or turning its fan or anything. I consulted with Robert about it and he went to check things at the circuit breaker. It was a simple switch and AWWWW, nice COLD air.

That worked for quite awhile with all the cooler temps we had and the rain. Recently when it has been getting hotter though, it just wasn't keeping things cold. By about 1 or 2, it would be warming up in the house with the air on all morning, and the air was not longer blowing out of the vents... it was like it was cold at the vent but it wasn't blowing out. Finally Robert said that we should just turn it off at that point not knowing what the problem was, not to mention it wasn't really doing any good anyway. We had several night of laying in bed too hot to sleep, not to mention trying to argue with the kids..."I know it is hot, and you can't sleep, but you have to stay in bed and try to get some rest."

Robert called someone (Anthon) to come out and look at it. He was like a KNIGHT in SHINING ARMOR! He came out, and in a short time had it all fixed. And for the rest of the night, I enjoyed the COOL air coming out of the vents instead of the lack of air... awww, it is so nice to have a house that isn't 85 degrees. At night when the sun went down was the only time it felt remotely cool in the house. That was only if we had the windows all open and if the wind was blowing out here... (which is frequently does)

Thanks so much Anthon! (maybe now the kids will go to bed before 10 or 11)


Marie said...

I'm glad my husband was able to fix that for you!

Andrea said...

He came and installed our central Air and we love it. He really is awesome! It's always nice to have a repair man in your house you know you can trust and doesn't creep you out.