Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks for the Birthday Money

In May we have Samantha's birthday and then the twins' birthday too. Sometime at the end of May the 3 birthday girls got cards and birthday money. The money didn't seem to bother Samantha at all, but it was burning up for Lindsey and Lauren and they couldn't hold it any longer, they HAD to spend it. Which then took us on a 3 hour shopping trip at a Walmart store.

I didn't realize how much Lauren is like myself, "it is just too hard to decide!" She couldn't make up her mind about anything. She would sit there and look at one thing and then look back at what she already had in her hand and then look again at the shelf... this went on what seemed like FOREVER! (Paybacks to me for all the horrible shopping trips I have taken my mom and sisters on!) I have a hard time making up my mind on things, but I think I am better at shopping in general. I lack decision making abilities in other areas though. Lindsey found what she wanted right away and stuck to it the whole time. Lauren had picked 3 or 4 things out and we had to keep going back and putting one of them back. Lauren's was cheaper than Lindsey's so she was able to get more than one thing. Lindsey used all of her money on one thing, and I had to pay her sales tax.

Lindsey ended up with a FurReal pet dog that walks, barks, and chomps, and will follow a bone. Lindsey named her dog Cookie.

Lauren ended up with a FurReal baby duck, that quacks and drinks a bottle. She picked out a duck in WA (of course we had to leave it there) and then something killed the duck. She thought this was a replacement for the duck that got eaten by something up there. She named this duck after her other little duck.... Ming Ming.

Lauren also got her ears pierced again! A real shocker is that we spent like $39 last time to get them pierced to find out that Walmart does it free when you buy their earrings. Lauren spent a little over $10 to get her ears pierced and earrings.

Amber kind of got a bonus out of it... since she and Samantha wear the same size... she gets to share Samantha's new pajamas that Samantha got with her birthday money.

And here is Samantha in her birthday pajamas. I was really happy to get Samantha some new jammies, since she seemed to not have any summer ones. Mostly she has the really warm blanket footed type jammies. You would think that her being our FIFTH girl we would be swarming in all sorts of jammies for her. Somehow that isn't the case.

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