Monday, June 15, 2009

Stressful Sunday

In my opinion, most Sunday's are a bit stressful due to the 5 girls getting ready, trying to find the right thing for them to wear, forgetting that one of them (or more) needs a bath and trying to fit all that in from 7:30 until we need to leave about 10 minutes before 9 am. to get everyone loaded, buckled, unbuckled, and unloaded and then find a seat that isn't in the overflow area.

This Sunday, Robert had been sick and wasn't going to make it to church. He asked if I was going to leave the little ones with him, I am not sure if he was offering or hoping I would be taking them too. I knew he didn't want to have to worry about them while he was feeling so sick. (fever, body aches, soar throat) I had to teach a class, but I thought it would be okay.

We go through the whole struggle of getting ready for church, gave 3 baths and did 3 girl's hair... Emily was in her normal mode of "I don't have anything to wear... which I didn't have time for this morning. As I am getting Samantha buckled in her car seat Lindsey reminds me that she has to give the scripture.... then Emily remembers she is to give her talk today also. GREAT! The scripture was the 7th paragraph in the Family Proclamation, which of course is really long and would have been nice to have Lindsey read a few times before she was on the spot. I look around for out copy, can't find it quickly so we give up and decide to get a copy from the church library. Then I think about Emily's talk..... by now she is freaking out, and deciding she is not going to church since she doesn't have her talk. I remember a book on the shelf that I got from my mom, "Talks for Tots" or something like that. I am searching for it. I finally find it. I give it to Emily and tell her to read it during sacrament meeting to find a talk in there. I give her a sticky note to mark her place once she finds it. We head out the door 10 minutes after 9 -LATE!

Finally we are at church... I can relax a little bit. I am trying to rock Samantha to sleep which isn't working the girls are going crazy. Amber discovers some mint candies in my diaper bag from a wedding shower that I had attended a few days prior and had Samantha with me so Rob could keep working on the yard. I decide that it is just mints, so let Amber have it. The problem is then that the other girls want to have some too. We get through the meeting. Emily finds a talk I help her close it with the thoughts of the theme she was to give her talk on.

I take the kids to their appropriate classes except for Samantha which I keep. I go to the library to find stuff for Lindsey's scripture, we go into the primary... the class I teach is getting bigger and bigger... I notice we have all 8 of our kids plus the 2 new ones that moved in recently. We have so many kids, that there aren't enough chairs, and that leaves me standing and two kids sharing a seat already. After I help Lindsey do her scripture, I get a chair and add it to our row.

Luckily my co-teacher was there with me, so I wasn't alone with all the 10 kids. The lesson went horribly, as it is very hard to have that many kids sit and listen to a lesson, or it is for me anyway. I think every Sunday I must be a push over for them. I have a few that are REALLY good and then a few that are non-listening type that are getting out of their seats, and attracting the attention of the other kids. I also had Samantha who in the middle of the lesson decided that she was not going to sit quietly which then I was holding her and trying to keep her happy/quiet while I was teaching the lesson. Normally she falls asleep for Rob but of course I couldn't be that lucky on this Sunday when I had her. Although she did nearly fall asleep on the drive home.

My lesson was over, we even acted out the story of Abinadi which the kids liked. For the most part, the kids went to find their parents, I had a few still in class when my kids come in. I was putting all my things away with my back to Amber. She came up to me and hugged the back of my legs and then bit me on my bum. Of course it was quite a surprise, so I jumped, and quickly turned around to tell her how sad she made me and how that wasn't nice... (That is like the 3rd time she has gotten me lately with biting, although the first time on the bum. She pinches when she bites and it hurts really bad! She has gotten Rob a few times on the leg too.) Amber as I talked to her just kept backing up and backing up until she reached the wall. I think she knew she was in trouble.

I was glad that my Sunday was over... or at least the church part of it. I now have a week before we have to repeat the Sunday routine again. Hopefully Rob will be back to church next Sunday to help.

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The Jones :) said...

Oh Karla...I don't know how you do truly are SuperMom...and a hero of mine!! Whenever I think my life is tough or hard or come to mind and I'm reminded of ALL you have to do and take care of and how you always have a smile. You are amazing and I'm glad for you too that Sunday is still 6 days away!! Hopefully next week will be better and everything will go smoothly...Sundays seem REAL stressful lately...I miss you and wish I was there to see you, laugh, and visit...maybe it would make things better!! You're in my thoughts!! Love you :)