Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Mama

Sometime after the twins were born, I was setting up a new email address or something. I was trying to think of a screen name maybe? I can't really remember. I came up with bigmamaof3. I had 3 kids at the time, figuring that would be easy to remember. Since then I have kind of used that BIG MAMA on other things. I get a paper cup, write my name on it, "Big Mama" so I can use it and reuse it and no one will use it as theirs. I will also put it on a water bottle I am using and reusing. (Lindsey one time crossed off BIG and wrote HOT so it read "Hot Mama." I automaticly thought it was Rob, but had to really laugh later when I found out it was Lindsey... she has a really good sense of humor!)

A few days ago, I was drinking from my water bottle, that said "big mama" on it. Amber wanted it. She asked if it was hers or mine, and I told her it was mine, it has my name on it. I told her it said big mama. Then she wanted a water bottle with her name on it. I got her a water bottle and wrote "Amber" on it. Then she said, your bottle says Big Mama and mine says Little Amber.

I didn't think it was a big deal, until she was telling some of the friends at our front door that her name was Amber and my name was Big Mama. Not too bad, kind of funny. Then at church when Lindsey and Lauren went to pick up Amber from her class, she was introducing them to her teachers. "This is my sister Lauren and this is Lindsey. My mom is Big Mama." When the girls told me, I wasn't sure if I should be really imbarressed or laugh. I did laugh. Although now I think we should lay off the big mama stuff for awhile.

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ChasingChasey said...

It makes you sound like a character in a sitcom!! I think you should stick with hot mama!!