Saturday, June 6, 2009

The pool is up.

Samantha got a little pool for her birthday. We put it up, or should I say, we filled it up. Bad thing is we don't have grass, and until just a day ago, we didn't have a level place in the yard since our yard is in trenches for sprinklers. The only good place to put the pool is in the drive way RIGHT behind my car.
Samantha was having a great time in her birthday pool. She loved the water, even though it was pretty cold.
This is our family pool. I am not sure there is a place for me and Robert to go in it, but the girls seem to think it is okay. I could hardly believe they ALL wanted to go in it.
Samantha was just splashing away. Her hair was wet from her splashing so much. Okay, if she had any hair it would be wet. :D
We had to empty some of the water out of the pool because she kept trying to crawl in the pool, and she was getting her mouth and nose in the water. She didn't seem to mind much about it but I was a little concerned about it.
Now only if we had a place to put the pool in the yard so we don't have to dump it out every time I need to go somewhere in the car. Maybe next month we will be ready for the pool in the yard. **fingers crossed**

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