Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spelling for Amber

I was just stopping to get a drink. Of course I had 5 little ones in the car, and as soon as they knew I was stopping for a drink - they all want to get something too. I of course feel guilty normally and cave and get them something. Lauren wanted a "Frosty," Emily an "icee and if they don't have one then some fritos, and if I can't have fritos, then a vanilla frosty." Lindsey just wanted "a donut," and then Amber shouted out, "I want a donut too!"

I go into the store and get all the things everyone requested, including a soda for myself. I get back to the car, hand out everyone's things. Amber is looking at the donut I gave her and not eating it. She saw Lauren's ice cream. She then starts asking, "where's my Q-P-3?" I am trying to figure out what she is saying, and I ask her to tell me again. "Where's my Q-P-3," she is getting really mad now, "I want a Q-P-3, E-F-G!" Then I start cracking up, realizing what she is wanting....ICE CREAM! The kids try to code the word ice cream by spelling part of it out so Amber doesn't know what it is. They will say, "can we have some I-C-E cream?" Amber knows what that means I guess.

Too funny! She cracks me up! The kids will also spell out A-M-B-E-R really quick when we are talking about her taking a nap or things that we don't want her to know. The way the girls spell it out it sounds more like a word then letters, Aim-be-are said really quickly is how it sounds. Of course Amber has figured that one out too.

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