Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What we are doing today...

We got here to my parents house early on Friday morning. (I prefer to call it late on Thursday night since I hadn't gone to bed yet, I refer to it as the same day as the day I woke up, being Thursday not Friday even though it was 3:30 WA time and 4:30 UT time.) I had the graveyard shift, driving from about 10 pm until our arrival at 3:30 am. Robert slept peacefully as I drove, and for the most part the girls slept during that time too. Wouldn't you know it too, by the time we get to bed around 4 am, then Samantha wakes up at 6 am. Nice 2 hours of sleep for me. I was SOOO tired the first day, and haven't really caught up on it since really.

Samantha doesn't mind my mom's new puppy Sophie to clean up her food after she is done eating. I don't think the dog minds much either. Samantha squeals over the dog, it is hilliarious!!

This is what Amber did after she road horses, and while the bigger girls were still riding.

Samantha and her cousin Parker who is 6 months younger, but doesn't seem to be much smaller really. They had a good time pulling at each other, and grabbing noses and pulling hair.

Imagine that, Sophie is helping Samantha with her messy spaghetti dinner. Who would have guessed?

Amber and cousin Destiny are going shopping with Samantha...

Lauren and cousin Destiny are busy with Barbies. We have Barbie and friends at home, but they play them here... oh well.

Since we have arrived, the weather has been quite hot (for up here) and muggy. Although on Monday it cooled down and rained most the day. We are planning a beach trip while we are hear, and Emily and her Grandpa are planning a hiking trip to a place where they can dig up seashell fossils. Cool! We are having fun for sure up here! Wish Rob could have stayed to play. Someone has to work so we can have this vacation! :-)

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