Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First real horse ride

Last time we were here at Pony Poop Farm, the girls I think might have gotten one little horse ride. Last summer, Emily was so close to being able to ride by herself on a real ride on the trails with the other horses.

On the 4th, we took the horses down to another field so they wouldn't be so close while we did fireworks. (And by the way, legal fireworks here are WAY better then they are in UT where we live.) The horses pretty much freak out with all the crackling, booming, and sparking of things. Robert and I lead two of the horses with the twins on them, and Emily saddled up Rainy the little pony and rode her down. It was a short ride, but at least a ride.

A bit after the 4th, we decided to go get the horses to go for a ride. My dad watched my kids while Emily, Grandma (my mom), and I went down to ride the horses back up to the house. Emily was on a big horse, she did great. We got the horses up to the house and then all the girls rode around by themselves (except Lindsey was a little more nervous then the other girls). Emily was excited to have taken her REAL first horse ride.

This is Emily on a friend's horse. Her name is Tooty. My mom said like Tutti Fruity. I heard Emily giggling while riding Toto one time and then said, "I know why they call her Tooty, she toots alot!" Maybe it isn't so much like tutti fruity.

I can't help but to LOVE Lindsey and her enthusiasm with everything she does. She always keeps me smiling. I was taking her picture and this is what she did. Lindsey is on my mom's horse, Odyssey. (Notice Lindsey's outfit also, socks, shoes, headband, jersey...)

Amber and Lindsey are on Ace here, my sister's horse. Amber had so much fun, she wouldn't get off. We just kept switching riders. I started out with her at first on Ace, and then I got off and let their cousin Destiny ride with her, then Lindsey and then I had to PEEL Amber off.

During our time the kids were riding the horses in the field, the horses stood in front of a gate and were very focused down the forest path. Shortly we saw why. The pony, Rainy had somehow gotten out and ran up to the house. We put her to work also, but we didn't saddle her up. She was a bareback rider only, and with no bridal so we had to just lead her around.
In the above picture, Destiny is leading her around while the other girls are riding. Destiny is a super good rider, and is only 5 years old. She games on her horse and wins prizes and ribbons frequently. She is not the least bit afraid of the horse or afraid to get out there and do something with them.
Later she told me, "It isn't much fun just leading Rainy around out there, it is pretty boring." I was thinking, yeah, that is how I felt leading you around today on that pony!

Here Lauren is on Ace.

The weather turned a bit rainy and cold again. I am hoping to get the girls to ride again soon. I think Emily will be going on another horse ride up the road into the trails up there, on a longer ride. I think she is pretty excited about that!

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