Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thomas is here!

When we got here to my parents house... the girls noticed there was something missing. It was their cousin Thomas. He was at his Grandma and Papa's over the 4th of July weekend and finally on Wed. he came back home. So we got to see him on Wed. and he even stayed the night with us at Grandma's house.

Emily was super glad he finally got there since she was tired of playing with Lindsey and Lauren. They went swimming. (Emily only swam if Thomas was there, other wise she found something else to do.)

Amber LOVES Thomas. She kept asking where he was and was really happy to see him. Even after he came back home and would leave Grandma and Grandpa's house she would say, "where's Thomas?" She really thought Thomas was special and loved to spend time with him. I think Thomas thinks its great too, and thinks Amber is cute always bugging him like that. Thomas is a pretty special guy! I wish we had a Thomas in our family!!

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