Tuesday, July 14, 2009


At my parents house, well in the whole county and maybe even surrounding counties there is a burn ban. We wanted to do smores so we ended up doing them in the BBQ with some briquettes. That seemed to work great. We had carmel/vanilla marshmellows and chocolate/vanilla marshmellows and of course just the plain ones too. I think the normal ones are the best, although I did kind of like the carmel ones a little bit.

Emily and Lauren trying to roast their marshmellow with out burning it.

Amber only wanted to eat the chocolate. She could careless about the other parts of it, she wanted the chocolate.

Sam had a bit of chocolate and graham crackers. I don't think she got a marshmellow. She was still happy.

We still have makings for more Smores, maybe we will do them again while we are here! If someone doesn't eat all the chocolate first!!

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