Sunday, July 19, 2009

They have cats?

The cats at Pony Poop Farm are pretty quiet cats that stay hiding until all the house is quiet and usually when all the kids have gone home. When I visit my parents, the cats will come out at night or in the morning when the kids are asleep or when they are quiet. Most the time you wouldn't even know my parents have cats!

Technically, I guess my parents really don't have cats. The cats at Pony Poop Farm use to be my cats, but when I moved to Utah we were renting a house and they didn't allow cats. I had to leave my cats here. It wasn't until like 3 years later when we could have a cat when we bought our first house. By then we had Emily and I was afraid the cats would adjust well and we ended up getting a kitten from the vet that was a rescued kitten.

My kids will ask me how do you know which cat is which. They both look quite alike, Chaquita is Scooter's mom. I tell them that Scooter has a bigger head and Chaquita has BIG scared eyes. Her eyes are always huge looking.

Amber noticed one day that there was a cat on Grandma and Grandpa's bed. It was Scooter! And he didn't even run away. The cats actually have been quite strange and have been coming out more since we have been here. Chiquita comes out looking for me in the mornings and at nights. Scooter even comes to my room at nights sometimes.

Amber came in one day with a grumpy look on her face. She said, "Scooter bit my forehead in the closet." I went and looked and sure enough Scooter was sleeping in Grandma's closet in her room and Amber must have been too pushy with him and he bit her on her head and maybe even clawed her. He isn't real good with kids. My mom was trying to tell Amber that she doesn't have any cats, that the cats are my cats. Amber kept telling her, "no your cat scratched me." Amber is so funny!

Most the time the cats are hiding, but when the girls get a peek at the cats somewhere they think it is pretty neat. It is even better if they can pet their super soft fur. I will try to grab the cat and bring it into them so they can pet it. It works sometimes and other times, I just get a back full of scratches as they peel out over my shoulder and down my back to get away from the girls.

Tonight Amber crawled up on the bed with Scooter and layed down in the bed and Scooter didn't even budge. Earlier this week Amber was sleeping in Grandma's bed and Scooter came to sleep with her on the bed too.

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