Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emily's House

Emily one day wanted to make a house or something. I don't know that she said she wanted to do a house, but she was looking for some material for something. I told her where I had some left over material from the bibs I made for my neice Renee's baby. I was out and about doing something, can't remember if that is when I went to visit my friend or was out getting groceries for dinner stuff or maybe was leaving to go riding? I came back to find this...

bottom floor

Top floor

looking into top

top again

bottom again

Emily loves to do things like this. She got some wood from my dad and then painted it with water colors. She started out with 2 shoe boxes, made holes and used paper clips and paper towels and cotton balls, staples. She used the scraps of material I had left over.

My Uncle Buzz told her she should put a "For Sale" sign on it with her Grandpa's name and number on there. (Grandpa is in realistate) Emily quickly said it wasn't for sale! He told her that she could get a lot for it since it had a swing in the room. She still didn't want to sell it.

Later she made a 3rd floor and also found another shoe box and made a backyard to play out on. I guess this is something else we will have to find room for when we drive back home.

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