Friday, July 17, 2009

Little funnies

Amber was fighting to go take her nap yesterday. She told me as I was taking her to bed, "I don't want to sleep in this bunk, I don't want to sleep in this bunk. I don't want to sleep in your bed or my bed. I don't want to sleep in any bed!" She was cracking me up, I was thinking she sounded like Dr. Seuss in Green Eggs and Ham. As I was laughing then she just repeated it again and said, "I don't want to sleep in the top bunky, I don't want to sleep in the bottom bunky. I don't want to sleep in your bed or my bed. I don't want to sleep in any bed!" A few days before that when I put her down for her nap she was fighting me saying, "I don't want to sleep in the top bunk, I do want to sleep in the top bunk, I don't want a pillow, I do want a pillow." She just kept changing her mind and then as soon as I would accept that she didn't want to do something then she would want it. As I was leaving the room she got real grumpy, folder her arms and said, "and I am not going to go to sleep!" I said, "okay, goodnight." She said, "goodnight."

Lindsey got this old doll with a really fancy old style dress on. She has a fancy hat and fancy jewely. She got it from Grandma Hayes. The doll lost her necklace. It had like a ring of little pearl looking beads around a colored pearl in the middle. Then attached to that was a little suede strap to make it look like a necklace.
Lindsey asked me, "Mom, can you fix her necklace, it fell off." I was looking at the doll and what was left of her necklace, trying to see if it was pinned on or glued or just what. As I was pulling Lindsey told me not to break her broach. I told her it was part of her necklace. Lindsey argued that it was a broach and then a necklace. I told her it was all part of the necklace. I told her a broach is like a fancy pin that is on like a safety pin that goes on your jacket or collar or something like that. Then Lindsey looks at the doll, and says, "Why would anyone wear a pokey broach on ther chest like that?" I looked at Lindsey and said, "IT IS NOT A BROACH!" Lindsey was laughing and then I realized she was teasing me.

Emily was sleeping in the big bed. At my parents house, they have a bedroom that has a set of bunk beds and then a full size bed. When Robert isn't here then I have one of the girls sleep in the bed and then I sleep with that girl. Emily is the worse to sleep with since she has such long legs and arms, she seems to never give me enough room to sleep. This night, Emily was all sprawled out. I came to bed, tried to move her and kind of woke her up to tell her to move. She says, "I don't think it is going to work. (mumble mumble) I really don't think it will work out. The stars are all stuck together. Yeah it won't work. The stars are stuck together." As I was listening I was trying to figure out what she was saying... then I asked her to repeat herself. I heard pretty much the same thing, something about it not working and the stars being stuck together. I asked her about it the next morning, she kind of laughed and said, I had a really weird dream last night but can't remember it. I am guessing the stars where stuck together somewhere in there. She frequently will talk in her sleep. One time she was just shooting out random numbers, "13, 4, 78, 6, 12, 41, 9, ...."

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