Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lake Trip

The girls and I all went to the lake today (Saturday) with most of my family. Samantha stayed home with my parents and I took the others with me. One of my sister's friend has some water toys that he took to the lake for us to play around on. He has a jet ski and also a sea doo (not sure if that is how it is spelled).

My sisters where teasing me saying that I had to ride them since everyone has to ride them when they go... last time my other sister had to do it... and now it was my turn. (Little did they know if I got on one I might not get off!)

My sister gave me a ride and a riding lesson all in one. Then I was off on my own. Pretty fun! The bad thing is then my girls wanted a ride, so then I didn't get to go back out by MYSELF! Okay so I could have, I just felt like I was already hogging them too much and I didn't want to go AGAIN after giving 6 rides for my girls!

Here the girls are (minus Lindsey) hanging out. They all got pretty wet from the water splashing them on the shore so they were trying to dry out. Emily was getting a headache from the sun and squinting, so my brother gave her his sunglasses. They look kind of cute on her.

This is just for a photo shot... we didn't really ride like this. I was just coming in with Emily and then my sister suggested we all get on to get a family picture... of course minus Robert now.

Here are some of the cousins that went with us in there little boat. Amber was calling it "her" yellow boat. She wanted to be in it, but only on dry land. She tried it once on the water and it was too scary for her. She just wanted to pretend she was floating in the water when it was really on the grass.

Here we are switching riders. My sister and her friend are there in the water helping make the switch. (And Amber's little yellow boat out there too.)

It was funny because each girl as I started out with them, they were saying, "don't go fast okay!" We would start out slow at an idle and then a little faster and by the end of the ride we were cruising at sometimes 30 mph, which was about as fast as they liked. Although I didn't get much over 40 when I rode by myself the first time. My brother said that like 50-55 was fast. I was thinking the skin on my face was going to fall off at 40, I can't imagine 55 mph!
Emily didn't want to go at first. I had given Lindsey and Lauren their rides and Emily wasn't interested until after the second time I took the twins out. I got back with Lauren and then Emily decided she would go. I took her out on an extra long turn like for 2 turns. We were cruising and I normally slowed way down when we went over waves or big bumps. I missed one or under estimated it. We smacked down hard from the wave and Emily was grabbing a hold of me really tight and said, "Mom don't do that ever again!" I thought she might be done, but she was okay and wanted to continue the ride. I explained to her that I misjudged it, and it wasn't my intent to smack that hard.
Amber only got to sit on the sea doo, she didn't have a life jacket and I am not sure I would have even taken her out... maybe just a small idle ride around the no wake area.
With all the fun I had, and the girls... I am thinking I should start a lake fund now. If I quit soda and use all my soda funds I might have enough to get some fun lake toys like these.

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Karen Brothersen said...

How fun! Rob should have that pic of you girls on his desk! Cuz those are some cute Hayes Girls!