Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seaside, OR trip--Beach

We always love to go to the beach while we are in WA. Maybe it has something to do with we don't have a beach in UT? I love the beach. Although this time when we went, it was really windy which made it feel much colder than it was. It wasn't really hot anyways, like maybe mid 70's but then the wind made it much colder.

Almost all of my sisters went with the exception of my sister Becky who we couldn't get a hold of. My brothers didn't go, they both had other things going, Scott was in Vegas and Kelly had a service project he already committed to.

The girls loved the sand, making thing out of it and just picking it up and watching it fall out of their hands. Samantha picked up a handful of sand and ate it. I washed it off and told her "yucky!" Later she did it again, and then right after she was told no, she did it again. Maybe she needed a little sand in her digestive system, chickens eat things to help them digest things better, maybe my Sammy is like a little chicken.

Uncle Larry built some parts of a sand castle. That didn't last long, both Amber and Samantha knocked them down.

You can see how hard the wind is blowing with how the girls hair is going so crazy.

Samantha liked crawling everywhere. She thought it was great!

Uncle Larry also gave Amber a ride on their boogy board, but only on the sand.

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ChasingChasey said...

Seaside is one of my favorite places ever. I am so jealous that I wasn't there with you!!