Thursday, May 6, 2010


Robert is a huge soccer player!  He recently was on 2 indoor teams, and now he is on an indoor team, an outdoor team, and does Saturday pick up games with some neighbors.  When the city starts their adult soccer teams, he will play for them too.  The girls have had soccer games on Saturday so he hasn't played much himself on Saturday.  He loves soccer.

Because he loves soccer, Robert wanted to get the girls into soccer this year.  They play on the city organized teams.  They are loving it almost as much as Robert does.  Emily is always saying she can't wait for practice or her games.  Lindsey and Lauren have been excited about it too. 

It 's crazy, there is another set of twins on Lindsey and Lauren's team.  The poor coach!  My girls look very close to the same and the other set does too.  The coach is out there yelling... Lindsey or Lauren, Katie or Alysa.  It cracks me up.  Not that I am much better at names.  I am always calling my kids by their sister's name.  It must be something you do when you turn into a mom, I know my mom did it and still does it.
Lindsey and Lauren both have played goalie/keeper (not sure which is the correct term) and they have loved it.  Lauren did really well, and Lindsey didn't see much action when she was in there. 

I don't have any pictures of Emily yet, it seems like the weather has been rainy or too cold so I have stayed home with the little girls during her games.  The ones I have gone to I have forgot my camera.  The pictures from Lindsey and Lauren are from another mom that has kids on the same team. 

The city also has fall soccer... I think the girls will want to do that too.  It has been pretty crazy and our Saturndays have been consumed with games and early mornings but it is good for the girls and they enjoy it.  Amber keeps talking about her game.  She isn't old enough yet to play but she really wants to. 

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Lilly Corbett said...

That is awesome! I love soccer too, and have wanted to get Kenny in it, but he isn't very interested. Maybe one of the others will!