Friday, May 28, 2010

School is out!

School is out.  I didn't ever do anything for Teacher Appreciation week (because I was too busy, but more accurate would be because I am just lame) so we decided to do end of the year gifts.
I saw this idea on another blog... wish I could remember which one it was so I could link it.

I found these at Ikea which were under $4 a piece.  They have dividers inside.  We got some from there years ago that were blue.  I looked all over at other office supply stores for these with lids and couldn't find any.  I finally went to Ikea, and wala! 

The girls decated them with stickers and sharpie markers.  I put mod podge (2 coats) over the lids to seal them and keep the stickers from peeling off.  I wish I would have gotten the matte finish. 

Then I filled them with things I had on hand like gum, chapstick, candy bars, rubber bands, paper clips, cap erasers...
(gum and chapstick were free after coupons)
The boxes were a little under $4 and then the supplies on average were under $7 a piece. 
I then bought a few things in packages and split them up for the 2 boxes.  Binder clips, small (2 boxes @ .88 each) binder clips, large (2 boxes @ 1.37 each) pink erasers (6 ct for $2) glue sticks (2 pk for .97) Expo markers (8pk for $5) small post-it notes (3 pk for 1.44) Lined paper pad (3 pk for 1.77) then I got more rubber bands (.46) and cap erasers (40ct @$1) to add to replenish my supply.  Oh and the tissue and the purell were on average $1.12 each.  Not too bad for a gift around $10!  The stickers and sharpies and modge podge I already had as well.  I thought they turned out cute and the kids loved making them.  I also wrote a little personal thank you note to each teacher on the lined paper pad.

Now I am off to do some birthday cakes for Lindsey and Lauren, since it is their birthday today!  While I have been baking cakes the other girls have literally been sitting in the kitchen... that would be Samantha's kitchen that she got for her birthday... they are such crazy girls. 

Amber came up to me and told me she gave Samantha some chocolatey splishity splash.  I asked her what that was... she told me frosting... which she gave the frosting tub to Samantha to eat. 

Yeah no worries, I am not stressed... she is a mess, my house is a mess, I am making 2 cakes which I am not sure how I am going to do what they want me to do...  I am totally calm and in control.  I can do this!  But I better go just in case I can't!!


Answer to Many said...

You can totally do this!!! You are a super mom that people say all the time I wish I could be more like Karla. (really they do). I want to be more like you. You are amazing!

** Adrian ** said...

You CAN do this!!! I agree with "Answer to Many" (above) you are such a super Mom & I have thought SOO many times that I'd like to be more like you!!! You are AWESOME!!!

I hope Lauren & Lindsey are having a happy birthday!

PS... your Teacher gifts are DARLING!!! Great job! ;D

Jamie said...

loved the teacher gifts. very cute. I bet they were appreciated. cute girls in the kitchen. I am sure they will be immensely helpful in the cake making. good luck. I want to see pictures when they're done!!!!!

I still have 2 more birthdays in the next 2 weeks. I need ideas.