Monday, May 10, 2010

Detective Lauren

Lauren has told me before that she would like to be a detective when she gets older.  I am not sure if recently they have talked about any of this at school or if it is a book I recently bought her Geronemo Stillton and the Cheese Detective I think it what it is called.  Something like that anyway. 

One day we got this DVD at a church aution.  We recieved two and we watched one but we didn't have time to watch the other one that same night.  The next time we were able to watch it the DVD was missing from the case.  I was asking the girls, "Who opened the case?  Was the DVD in there then?  Who took it out?  Where is it?"  I came up with NOTHING!  No one opened it, no one saw the DVD, no one took it out, no one knew where it was at.  Then Lindsey remembered she did take the plastic off the case but didn't open it. 

Next I saw Lauren with a pad of paper and a pen and she was asking people all these questions, where they were at when it happened and all sorts of crazy questions.  She was wearing all black.  She was cracking me up.  She had a few friends over and they were all going to watch the movie.  Some of her friends where helping her track down clues.

One of the girls found a piece of hair near the case... they put it into a plastic bag, then they went and asked each person if she could have a piece of their hair.  I tried to explain that hair is all different on the same person's head.  I can have a piece that is light brown and yet the next peice I pull out can look totally black.  They still wanted to collect samples of everyone's hair. 

They also wanted to look for fingerprints.  I told her that wasn't going to work because all of us had touched the case looking for the DVD.
With all the investigations and samples Lauren took, we still have not found the DVD that is lost.  It makes me wonder if it ever came in the case.  I think it is more logical that it was in the case and someone took it out and lost it. 

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Wendy said...

That is so dang funny!