Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lindsey gets braces

Lindsey sometime in that last couple years got a special appliance in her mouth that would help with her cross bite she had.  Her top teeth in the corner didn't line up with her bottom teeth in the same area.  We spent a few hundred dollars on it to get her cross bite fixed.  She has been doing really good at wearing her retainer to keep her teeth in line after that treatment.

She got that appliance shortler after she lost her top front teeth, so she was in 1st grade most likely.  As she has continued to lose more teeth and her adult teeth have been coming in... her mouth was looking more and more like Emily's mouth when she got braces.  She had teeth coming up behind the front teeth. 
Lindsey is so funny when I take her pictures!  She has such character!  She really cracks me up.  Her sense of humor is a lot of fun.  With the retainers we have, we go in for retainer checks.  Last time we did I asked about that tooth filing in behind the front line.  Braces! 

Here is one way you can totally see the difference in kids.  Their personalities and their outlook on things.  I thought Lindsey was pretty nervous about the braces, she kept talking about it.  Emily kept telling her how horrible they were, until you got use to them.  When Emily got braces she was a wreck for days.  She wouldn't eat, she would complain and just cry!  It was horrible!  I thought we would be going through this all over again.  I told Lindsey she would not being going to school today.  Boy was I wrong!

Lindsey and the silly girl she is...  she took it great.  We got some food afterwards and she ate it no problem.  She did say it was harder to eat and it took a little longer to eat.  She did get her shirt stuck to her braces on the bottom. LOL  She did really good with that though too.  I know Emily and Lindsey are totally two different people and I shouldn't compare them.  Emily is more sensitive to everything...

When Lindsey was little, she had such a crooked little smile.  I think it was because partly her cross bite.  It straightened out a bit, but this is how I remember her.  I think because of this, she ended up getting braces on the bottom of her teeth too.  Emily just got them on the top 4 teeth.  Lindsey has top and bottom 4 teeth. 

Lindsey as a child was also the one you could yell at and spank and punish until you were so tired and she wouldn't be fazed at all.  I remember when she was about 5 I put her in time out, and she said, "I wanted to be here anyways."  I could have BEAT her, I was so frustrated.  She is still alive, so obviously I kept in control.  She still pushes my buttons like that, she knows what to say to really get me mad, but her sense of humor if you can catch that side of her is much better!


Candy said...

I had no idea that they put braces on kids that young. I will have to keep that in mind. I am sure one of my kids will need them.

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