Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Building a park

We are trying to get our garden all ready to plant in.  Last year it wasn't ready in time to plant a garden.  Because the soil is so bad out here we are taking the dirt out of our garden boxes and getting better soil to add into the boxes.  I saw we, but it is really Robert doing it so far.  On Saturday he wheeled loads of dirt out of the boxes and put them into our undeveloped playground area.

Lindsey and some of her friends decided to build a park.  They took the clumps of grass/weeds and replanted them in the pile of dirt.  As they were constructing their "park" more people came to help and watch the developments at the new park.
Then they put rocks in the side so that they make a water hole of some sort.  I told them the water would just go through that.  They told me they put rocks in it and so the water would stay.  I tried to tell them that the rocks won't hold the water.
Then they decided (since the water didn't stay) that maybe they wanted a waterfall instead.
But the water didn't stay in the desinated area. 
It made a great mud hole at the bottom of their "park" which seemed to be a good idea too.
When they were done playing in building the park, they wanted to cover it up with a tarp.  I suggested them to just leave it.  They were worried about what will happen to it if it rains.  They didn't want it to get washed away.  It rained over night... I wonder if it did get washed away? 

I guess we don't need that playground and all the fancy wood chips and all those things which we haven't had the money to do yet.  The pile of dirt and the left over pile of rocks seem to be okay for now. 

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