Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amber's thinking

We saw the garbage truck go by today as we were getting in the car to take Em to school.  I told Amber and she said, "Oh he took our garbage?  Why did you throw our garbage away!  You can do so much with garbage!" 

She was pretty angry at me.  I think she must have been watching something that was upcycling or repurposing things... my other girls are BIG into keeping garbage to make things out of them. They typically get put back into the recycle bin or the garbage. 

It is partly my fault though, since I will repurpose things sometimes. 

Amber when we were in the car she thanked me for cleaning the ice cream she wiped on her window.  Then she said, "Are you going to throw me in the garbage now?"  I told her, "No, you can do so much with garbage, I wouldn't want to throw you away."


wendy said...

That picture is DARLING.

I love her thinking. What a cutie!

Julie said...

Your girls are growing up so fast! I wish you were still here. We miss you guys. What a cute post about garbage. Your girls are so dang cute!