Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Robert goes out of town....

Why is it then when Robert goes out of town things seem to grow crazy?  He went to Houston, leaving Tuesday night and returned Sunday afternoon.  Early Wed. morning Lindsey was throwing up...  Samantha was throwing up on Friday morning, and Lindsey again on Sunday morning. 

My life is always eventful... never dull in anyway really.  My visiting teachers (ladies from the church, they check on you to see if you need anything... kind of built in friends that often teach a short lesson about Christ) came over for a visit on Friday.  I knew they were coming but as the moment arrived I had forgotten about it.  I had to still go get Em.  Luckily Robert's mom was still here when the real havoc broke loose.  I had called her (Rober't mom) down to watch the girls while I took Lauren to the dr. for her molluscum removal.  As I was talking with my VT (visiting teachers) all my girls where here which also makes it crazy.  One of the girls yelled from upstairs that Amber was naked and she had tried to dress her but Amber wouldn't let her.  This normally wouldn't be such a big deal but some of the kids of my VT were here playing too.  Lauren brought Amber down with some clothes and I got her dressed.  Then Lindsey comes to the door with a muddy foot... she had been to a friends house and on the way home had stepped in mud, her boot was stuck, her foot came out and then stepped in the mud with her socked foot.  She was wanting help... My wonderful MIL (mother in law) helped out with that one.  Then Lauren asked if she could get Samantha who was now awake... I said yeah, and then Lauren yelled down that Samantha had thrown up... her fruit that she ate was everywhere...  thanks again to my fabulous MIL who then went to take care of that.  What a day!  I am not sure if they will want to come back.  At least my house was semi clean since I had cleaned it on Thursday for the most part knowing that I would be gone on Friday when I normally clean house.

This reminded me of one time when Robert took the older girls to a ward campout.  Amber was throwing up and had been for several days before they left, and she just got worse it seemed.  I took Amber who was almost 2 and Samantha who would have been less than 2 months old to the after hours clinic at the dr.  Not to mention the part of getting both carseats in the back of Rob's mustang since he had my car.  After we went to after hours (and paid the co-pay) they sent us to the ER.  At the ER they were doing all these things that I wished I could of just held her but Samantha was hungry so I was holding her trying to pacify her for awhile so I could nurse her.  Finally after the IV was in Amber fell asleep so I then nursed Samantha or tried.  I think I was too upset or she was too so it just didn't work really.

I think we finally got home at like 2 or 3 in the morning...  I was hoping Rob's night at the ward campout went better for him than my night had gone.  I remember leaving Samantha in her carseat where she was asleep and putting her car seat in my room.  Amber was asleep too and I put her in her crib and crashed in bed until Samantha's next feeding.

Of course now that Robert is back, things seem to be more normal.  Why do things seem to all come loose when he is gone and not when I am gone instead. Oh yeah, that's because I never go anywhere....  at least Robert is home for awhile before he has to go again.  He does travel less than he use to, so that is a good thing. 

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Jamie said...

I'm so tired and stressed out just from reading about your couple of days that I think I better just go to bed!
aaaahhhhhh! (It happens so you;ll appreciate him double when he gets back??)

p.s. what a fabulous MIL. what a blessing!