Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few exercising set backs...

In the last 3 weeks the girls have been sick off and on...  then I got sick too.  Each time one of the girls would throw up, I of course knew I was next and then I felt sick all day/night knowing that I was getting it too.  I didn't get it until the end of this last week.  Each day I thought I was getting it I wouldn't exercise so I have missed tons of days when I should have or could have excercised.  Then of course there were those days I did exercise and then had to clean up Amber's messes too as I mentioned before here.

Today I thought I would get back into the routine of things...  I put in my favorite excercise DVD and turned it on.  Amber noticed this and said to me, "Oh, you are going to play your excercise game again?  I will help you so you can win!  We can both win!"  It takes my video awhile to get through all the intro which of course they won't let you skip.  As it was playing I tried to put Samantha down for a nap.  She must have known how fun my excercise game was and wanted to help me win too.  She ended up NOT going down for her nap.  I figured it would be okay if she stayed up... I put her on the couch with her blanket.

I thought about just skipping again, but I didn't do it yesterday due to a sick daughter and husband too.  (Again I felt a bit sick myself.)  I started in on the warm up, and Amber did too.  Then Samantha was helping me out as well.  Amber today got her own weights, which were just building blocks.  That was nice so we didn't have to fight over my 5lb weights. Amber even gave some to Samantha to use.

We got through the warm up, the circuit one-weights and cardio and I just started the ab work out for circuit one.  I was laying on my back on the floor and Amber says, "I will help you with this mom," as she plops down and sits on my belly.  I am not sure if it made them harder or easier, but I continued with all my crunches and then the other ab excercise was much harder with Amber on my belly.  Amber got off and we continued with circuit two, right into weights.

During the first set during my curls/lunges Amber pushed Samantha out of her way with her weights (which were really plastic blocks) right into my weight while I was coming down from my curl.  Samantha started to cry...  I paused to DVD....  cuddled Samantha for awhile and then put her to bed. 

Amber got bored after that with my "game" and she played her own where she pulled out buckets of toys in the area I was trying to do jumping jacks or lunges...  which made it hard.  Right at the end of the cardio of the circuit three the phone rang.  It was the school saying Emily was in the office and had been throwing up. I paused the DVD yet again... got Samantha back out of bed and put on a different pair of pants, threw my sweaty hair in a pony, dressed Amber and drove to Emily's school. 

 I did finally finish my DVD, and I was glad when I was done...  Again, I was thinking.... is all this worth excercising?  And I am suppose to have MORE ENERGY after excercising?  LOL

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