Thursday, February 25, 2010

As Seen on TV

For Christmas, Santa brought the girls a Touch N Brush... one of those tooth paste dispensers that are suppose to be clean and mess free.  "You can even do it with one hand.... They stick anywhere... "  Well I am not sure I agree with it. 

Like the commercial asks, I was tired of the messy tooth paste goop all over the sink counter, then Emily would refuse to use the toothpaste because it was all messy and gross so I would have to open yet another tube just for her... which then end up being used by Lindsey and Lauren because they don't want to use the messy one anymore.  The touch n brush was on my list to try out in hopes to make brushing teeth cleaner. 

I am not sure that it really worked.  I do think that it has helped... but I still find tooth paste on the counter, walls, faucet, mirror, and sometimes the floor.  Emily does seem to still use this even when it is a bit messy.  This is the second time it was messy.  I have washed it twice now, and I am sure if I go in the kids' bathroom and look, it will be in need of cleaning again.  (It is a PAIN to clean, and after cleaning sometimes makes your tooth paste all watery/bubbly.  Maybe I am cleaning it wrong?)

Then the second thing we got, around Christmas time was the draft guard... I am not sure what it is really called.  It is two sided and you put it under your door and it is to keep out drafts, keeping cool air in or out, good for winter and summer.  It can also be used on your windows that are drafty. 

DON'T try it!  It doesn't work.  Or at least for us, it gets all hung up on the door, you can't get the door shut or open because it gets stuck.  It works for about 5 door open/shut motions and then it has a problem.  We used it on our front exterior door.

We saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond and decided for $10 we would give it a try.  I do think it might work on our basement door, there is no weather strip or guard there like an exterior door has.  People will ask, "did you cut it to fit your door? Did you slide it under the door?" as if we just installed it incorrectly.  I have played with it and played with it... I even thought about putting those 3M sticky (removable) tape on the door to keep it there, or sewing it to make it smaller or tighter, but I can't seem to really make any good improvements on it. 

Just in case you were wondering about either of these products....  now you know how I like them. 

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