Friday, February 26, 2010

An Unfortunate Event

Yesterday was gymnastics for the girls.  They go to a place that is about 15-20 minutes away and the class is an hour long.  Normally I just hand out in the parking lot until they are done.  I try to bring something to do to pass the time.  Many times Amber sleeps and Samantha just wants to be unbuckled and she sits up front with me. 

As we were sitting there yesterday, with the car off, it was kind of getting cold so I turned the car back on to turn the heater on for a few minutes, and the car wouldn't start.  It just clicked and nothing.  The clock was still working at this time and it was almost time for the girls to be done.  They had about 20 more minutes. 

I looked in my purse to get my phone to call Robert and then remembered my phone was on my bed.  Ooops!  I waited for Emily and the girls to come back to the car to sit with the little girls so I could go use the phone. 

I went into gymnastics to use the phone... "We don't have a phone, we all just have cell phones.  Maybe you could ask someone else."  I thought, well that is just really nice.  Thanks for your help.... I pay you $80 each month and I can't use your cell phone?  Whatever! 

I go to the business next door and they kindly let me use the phone where I called Robert.  I figured he would be on his way home by now... but he was still at work waiting to talk to his boss.  He assured me he would be there as soon as he could. 

We waited... by now the clock on the car isn't working so I really have NO IDEA what time it is.  I am afraid that is will get cold... I don't have a coat, Amber doesn't either. 

Robert finally gets there, decides to change the battery out, figuring that is it.... he goes to Checker Auto 5 different times buying different tools and things to help.  He would get back to the car and then the tool he got wouldn't work, or he needed a different size or different extension. 

If you know Robert, he isn't always so good under pressure/stress.... at one time a wrench went flying through the air to the field behind the parking lot.  I heard alot of onomatopoeia's as Emily would say.... but I think they were mostly just sounds of frustration and annoyance of things not working.  We didn't even have a flash light.  We were not prepared at all.

Finally at about 7:30 everything finally worked out and my car started again.  I was SO happy.  The girls were getting cold, I was freezing myself and everyone was starved.  Emily normally doesn't wear her coat, but she got cold and put her coat and even put the hood on and zipped it all up.  The older girls had coats, but the younger ones didn't.  Samantha did have her blanket naturally.  Samantha kept signing and saying "eat" I had to keep telling her, I don't have any food.  The girls were bored being in the car... sometimes they would fight, other times they were too loud and active for the car.  We got home and had dinner a little before 8:30 and then kids were in bed around 9.  Their normal bed time is at 7:30. 

I kept telling Robert thank you.  Then Amber said, "Dad couldn't fix the car so I helped him."  Of course then I needed to Amber thank you too.  I am really glad that I have a car that works now and that Robert came and rescued us. 

It did make us realize how unprepared we are.... I had no flashlight or tools in the car.  Blankets would have been nice too.  I am thinking I need to put something together and maybe take that car kit that is under my bed and put it in my car.  lol  It would work better there.  I doubt I will ever be stranded on my bed and need the car kit.

I am glad yesterday is over.  Emily said, "this is the worst day in the whole world!" That doesn't say a whole lot since she often says things like that anyway. 


The Jones :) said...

Sad day Karla :( I'm glad the hubby came to the rescue too!! I understand the frustration and stress...not a good thing in our household either!! I don't know just might get stuck on that bed of your's and need your blankets and snacks!! Isn't it great we all have cell phones but sometimes don't always have them with us...dang it!!! And what a snotty lady...I would've let you use mine!! Hope today and this weekend go WAY better for you!!!

wendy said...

Karla, that sounds so miserable. Glad you're all home and warm!

Karen Brothersen said...

SAD SAD! What a day. And I would complain to the gymnastics staff if I were you. That is SO RUDE for them to not offer their phones. SO RUDE! I am glad Rob was able to fix it and you all got home safe. Now you know to just keep emergency snacks and blankets in the back of the car! ;)

Roberts Family said...

I am sorry! I've had a few days like this and had to barge into peoples houses at unexpected times to call a lock smith or someone to help! It is so bad when you have kiddos with you also! I'm so glad you all survived. I did laugh at the part when Rob was frustrated and throwing things, only because I have don't that quite a few times in my life as well. :-(