Saturday, February 27, 2010

Amber a.k.a. Bluelicious

Have you ever read the book Pinkalicious?  It is about a girl who is in love with the color pink, she helps her mom make cupcakes and then she turns pink from eating too many pink cupcakes.  My girls love the book and Amber recently has picked up the book and it is the one we read over and over again lately. 

One day Amber wanted to make cupcakes.... and then she was inspired by the book....  but instead of pink, she wanted her favorite color... BLUE!  (Amber always wants blue everything... blue cup, blue plate, blue spoon, blue drink, blue candy, blue M&M's, if there is a choice she wants BLUE!)

The cupcakes didn't last very long.  I barely got a picture of them before they were gone.

Amber was pretty proud of her cupcakes... blue cupcakes, blue frosting, AND blue sprinkles!

Amber tired out stiring them, then frosting them, then putting sprinkles on.  She instead just ate the left over frosting.  She was much more blue than she is here.

And who could resist a bluelicious cupcake?

The other girls had several too, I even had one.

She wanted to make some more, but I already used all our blue coloring paste.  I will have to get more.

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