Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick House

It seems that we keep getting the stomach flu which brings on throwing up, or as my girls call it, "the throw ups" and they aren't very fun. 

It started about 3 weeks ago when Emily was sick in the middle of the night, then Lauren was the next morning which made her miss church.  Then that next weekend Amber was sick, then Lindsey, then Samantha, then Lindsey again, and again, and Samantha too, then Lindsey, and Samantha again, and I got it, then Samantha threw up again, then Lauren threw up last night, and now Robert is throwing up today. 

We are just sharing this thing back and forth... it is crazy!  I want to complain and be mad as Robert has been laying in his bed most the day and texting me to bring him things... and I am mad and want to complain because when I was sick... I was home with the girls, had to get them to school and home from school and then also take care of the little girls.  I am so jealous that he is just feeling awful by himself in his bed.  I wish I could have done that. (The day that I was sick, Robert did see the twins off to school while I laid in bed wishing I didn't have to get up.)  I even took the girls to gymnastics that day, although I called and had Robert pick them up because I needed to be closer to the bathroom.  He did take the older girls to dinner that night and to parent teacher conferences which I was grateful for, but I was still home feeling yucky with the younger girls. 

Sometimes it is just so hard being a mom...  sometimes it is no fair either!


wendy said...

Hugs, Karla! That is all awful!

And yeah, the whole man/woman thing is another subject. Though I complain more than dh does when I'm sick, I sure end up doing more.

The Jones :) said...

I'm sorry :( I wish I could help someway...but maybe thoughts and prayers are good?? I don't want to get the "throw ups"...and I completely's not easy being a mom/woman...we never get that break. When guys are sick it always seems OH SO I hope you hang in there and your household gets better SOON!!