Sunday, August 15, 2010

A vacation overview

Toward the end of June my parents came to UT to attend Lindsey and Lauren's baptism.  They brought with them two of my brother's kids.  The plan was that we would go back with them to WA when they left.  They left the 30th of June, and we stayed there until like the 26th or 27th of July.  Robert tells me I was gone a month, but I tell him it wasn't a month!

In the weeks that we were gone we had lots of fun!  We went to the beach (Beach post), we floated the river (which will be a post for later) and had lots of other fun.  Here is some of the things we did, or the girls did anyway. 

Samantha loved Grandma's piano, so did Amber but I didn't get it on a picture.  One time both the girls were playing with their cousin Parker who is just a little younger than Samantha.  They were all playing away on there.  So cute!!
There were LOTS of Barbie stuff there and all sorts of toys.  Different toys are always fun toys.
Grandpa likes to eat Semi-sweet chocolate chips as a snack.  He calls them "dead flies" or was that what he calls raisins?
Of course he had a fan club that stayed around him while he was eating his snack in hopes that he would drop some or share with them. 
We took the horses for a ride.  The girls even got to go on a REAL ride.  Real ride meaning they got to take the horses out of the field on a short trail ride.  They thought that was really cool!
Yes they rode 4-wheelers and the tractor..but this is for the tent part. We camped out in a tent once and the girls slept out with Uncle Kelly another time.  Gavin the dog came in with us, but before he went to sleep he first he had to lick and bite everyones heads and of course he was so excited I was afraid he was going to piddle all over our blankets.  Puppies are so bad that way!  He slept on the blankets by me, but Gavin (the dog) was worse than a little kid was.  Samantha didn't sleep out there with us. 
Thomas and the girls found a dead rabbit, or a part of a dead rabbit.  They put it to "rest" under a tree and picked some daisy's for it.  The next day the rabbit was gone.  Whatever left it there the night before, came back and got it the next night.
There were many popscicles eaten and lots of time spent sitting in the camp chairs too.
They made good use of the pool.  In fact Thomas got thrown in the pool a few times.  One time he kept spraying me with a water bottle and I threatened him that I would throw him in the pool.  I don't think he really thought I would or more likely COULD.  I picked that boy up clothes and all and he went swimming.  His dad (my brother) said, "you can't under estimate a girl!"
Oh and of course they had Sofie to play with.  It was a great time I think for all of us.  (Except maybe Robert that was home alone with out us.)  I had a hard time leaving... I would have loved to stay longer there.  I miss being around family and being involved in their lives, and them being involved in my kids' lives too.  If only Washington wasn't so far away from Utah.  *sigh*

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