Saturday, August 14, 2010

Butterfly House

For Christmas 2009 Lindsey got a butterfly house that came with a certificate to get 10 catapillars for free.  We were suppose to mail in this little card with our address on it and they would send us the little catapillars.  Lindsey kept bugging me about it.  I told her it said on the box or the paper inside that you had to wait until May due to the cold tempatures.  Then when I got to reading I couldn't find it anywhere.  Lindsey was getting impatient and really wanting to raise these butterflies. 

I was worried because we were going to be going to WA for most of the month and didn't want them to do all their stuff while we were gone and then Robert would have to deal with them.  Then I had and idea.... what if we had them shipped to Pony Poop Farm (a.k.a. my parents house) where we were going?  We would be there long enough to see them do their stuff and release them into the wild.  Perfect!

The little catapillars arrived the day before we got there.  The little jar had everything in it to keep them alive you just watched them move and grow bigger.  Pretty soon they were all hanging upside down in their little chrysalis/cacoon things.  We had to move them into the butterfly house and wait for them to emerge. 

Lindsey ended up with 9 and all 9 made the trasformation and were butterflies. 
Lindsey wanted to hold them.  They named them all, although they all looked identical in my eyes, except the one that Samantha hit while it was still drying off its wings once it had just emerged from its chrysalis.  That one had what looked like a broken wing, it was split in the middle. 
The butterflies catapillars that they shipped were painted lady I think it what it was called.  I kept wanting to call them Lady birds, but I think thats another name for a ladybug.
Amber even loved holding the butterflies. 
Lindsey would have held them all day if I would have let her.
Amber was pretty cute and really gentle with them.
Lindsey and Lauren liked to hold them, Emily didn't really seem to care one way or the other.  Samantha thought they were "scaaarrrrrryyyy" she would say.
About the time our trip was ending Lindsey let the butterflies go on the butterfly bush in the backyard at my parents house. 

Most of them just sat there for awhile, several stayed for hours.

The next day my mom saw a butterfly that looked just like the ones we released.  Maybe it was one?  Lindsey kept the one with the broken wing, but then when it was time to go home, I talked her into putting it out on the bush.  I reminded her that its life span isn't but a few weeks anyways so it will just die in the cage. 

I think it was pretty fun.  Lindsey would like to get some more to start all over again. 

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Jamie said...

Rachel did that when she was about 5-6 it was such a wonderful experience. I really need to do it again for my kids to watch. IT's really amazing.