Tuesday, August 17, 2010

River Floating, Part 2

Before we even got to Washington I was looking forward to floating down the river.  I did it last year when I was there and would have gone again but I was STUPID and didn't wear sunscreen and blistered the tops of my legs.  I was wearing a loose skirt for several days so I didn't have to put on anything close to my legs. 

Of course since I had been talking aboat floating my girls were asking if they could do it too.  I told them I would have to go down first to check it out and then  we would see.  After I went down the first time Emily was non-stop asking when we were going to go. 
Thomas and Emily and Kaitlyn are waiting for all the tubes and boats to be aired up.
All the kids had life jackets on and were ready to go.  Summer and Kaitlyn pose for a cute picture before they get in the water.
Emily patiently waits in my car until it is time to go to the water.
Here is the line of us heading down to the water to get in, minus Emily and me of course.
This is one of my favorite pictures!  I love how Sarah is just floating, smiling in the back.
Kelly has launched Emily in the water.  Only people left to get in are him and me.
There goes Kelly!  Emily about now is freaking out, "C'mon Mom, hurry up!"  Like I am going to let her go down by herself.  She must not have known I was such a good paddler!  One of my hidded talents I think.
Emily is liking it so far, but we haven't hit any ripples or rapids at all.
This was to re-adjust people.  We got out for a few minutes. By this time we hit some good rapids but are getting ready to hit another one and then the BIG ones from part one.
Kelly is waiting to get back in...  he's stretching out his arms.  He's got alot of rowing ahead of him.
Here's Kelly with Kaitlyn and Thomas.
Yep... that's me.
You can't really see in the picture, but there is some sort of big nest on those poles behind Emily... we see several Eagles through here.  Not sure that they would have a nest that close to the water.
There was a mishap.  Apparently everyone was talking and not paying attention.  Then Kelly yells, "TREE" and then it was pretty much too late for some.  Kelly hits the tree pops his boat, Summer goes under the tree and then hangs onto the back side of it for dear life.  I hope I get this right, if not it went something like this...

Summer: (hanging onto the tree) Hello, is anybody there?  (or maybe she said Help, is anyone there?)
Kelly: (on the other side of the tree)Yeah Summer I am here.
Summer:Kelly don't let me die, just don't let me die!
Kelly: You're not going to die. 

A couple of the kids fell out of their tubes on that one too.  Sarah caught them or told them to just go with the flow until she could get them.  We were all hoping Summer's husband wouldn't be too mad.  Emily and I went a different way so we weren't there when it happend.  The river had split and everyone one else went a different way.  The river was just coming back together when I saw an empty tube and then a swimmer too. 
This is where we were waiting for them to re-arrange again now that we were out of a boat.  Thomas and Kelly went together in the boat and Kaitlyn ended up in Thomas' tube.  It seemed okay, we were almost to the end of our float.

Then on another day, Lauren went floating down the river with us.  She and Destiny went in the boat and Kelly patched the popped boat and it held air just fine. 
I didn't take my camera this time but I got a few pictures before we headed to the water.
Kelly is getting Destiny and Lauren's boat all ready for them. 

But wait, what was that?  There is more?  Why yes there is, there is more.

To be continued.... again.....

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